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May 23, 2019

Another year, another successful Ramadan Campaign

Celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, Deutsche Bank’s staff in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Pakistan volunteered to spread the spirit of giving to over 3,300 people in need in labour camps, hospitals and homeless shelters – an initiative under the bank’s ‘Plus You’ corporate citizenship programme.

The initiative started on May 14th, as Deutsche Bank staff in Dubai came together in their office to assemble dry food and hygiene packages to be handed-over to labour workers across the UAE. An impressive 970 packages were assembled in under three hours.

Over the next few days, approximately 70 Deutsche Bank staff volunteers from the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Manama, and Karachi offices met at the their building reception areas and travelled together to distribute the Iftar meals and packages to a total of 3,342 individuals. Meals and packages were distributed to:

  • 2,470 laborers at their accommodation camps across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Manama;
  • 672 patients and nurses at hospitals across Doha and Karachi; and
  • 200 homeless people at a shelter in Karachi.

Jonalyn Candelaria, an executive within the Corporate Services team based in Dubai said: “When we were packing the items for hours and carrying the heavy boxes from point to point, it felt like we were one big family with one mission – to put a smile on someone’s face this Ramadan. It was also very moving to work alongside colleagues who were fasting at that time - the strength and dedication they displayed was inspiring. The smiles we received back enriched my soul. Thank you, Deutsche Bank.”

Minal Thaker from Deutsche Bank’s Bahrain Representative Office said: “This year once again we got into the charitable spirit during the Holy Month by donating food items to hundreds of workers at a labour camp in Bahrain.  The pleasure of meeting these people and exchanging Ramadan greetings was amazing. Thank You Deutsche Bank for giving us this opportunity to make others smile “

Supported by the Middle East Foundation, this is the sixth consecutive year that Deutsche Bank has organised an Iftar Meals and Care Package distribution initiative for people in need across the region.

Deutsche Bank Dubai staff volunteers assembled 970 dry food and hygiene packages in the office and distributed them at the GEMS Staff labour camp

Deutsche Bank Dubai staff volunteers at the distribution site

Deutsche Bank Abu Dhabi staff volunteers packaged and distributed dry food items to 800 workers at the Amana labour camp

Deutsche Bank Qatar staff volunteers distributed Iftar meals to inpatients at the Rumailah Hospital Cardiology ward, plastic surgery ward and Terminal illness children’s ward.

Deutsche Bank Bahrain staff volunteers distributed 700 food packages to workers at the Al Ghanah Labour Camp

Deutsche Bank Karachi staff volunteers distributed 200 meals at the Edhi Homes Shelter and 500 meals at the National Institute for Child Health (NICH)


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