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Frankfurt am Main, November 29, 2006

Deutsche Bank's Supervisory Board welcomes termination of Mannesmann trial

The Supervisory Board welcomes the termination, announced today, of the Mannesmann trial.
As the State Prosecution also explicitly emphasized, no findings of guilt of any kind are linked with the termination.

This confirms the Supervisory Board in the opinion which it has held right from the start: in its view, Dr. Ackermann acted correctly and objectively at all times in the performance of his mandate.

The Supervisory Board thanks Dr. Ackermann for his readiness to facilitate the termination by agreeing to make a non-penal payment. This has spared Deutsche Bank a trial, the duration of which would otherwise have been unforeseeable.

Dr. Clemens Börsig, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bank, stated: "We are pleased that Dr. Ackermann can devote his entire energy to continuing to lead Deutsche Bank on its successful courseā€œ.

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Alfredo Flores
Deutsche Bank
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