Deutsche Bank - a strong partner in the Netherlands

Deutsche Bank has been in The Netherlands since many years through the acquisition of H. Albert de Bary & Co N.V., founded in 1919.

The first involvement was a participation in H. Albert de Bary in the beginning of 1930 and these participations lasted, on and off, till 1988, when Deutsche Bank acquired 100% of the shares in H. Albert de Bary & Co N.V. from Amro Bank.

Till 1993 H. Albert de Bary & Co. N.V. operated under the same name, in 1993 the name changed into Deutsche Bank de Bary for a period of 5 years. In 1998 Deutsche Bank de Bary became a full branch of Deutsche Bank AG: Deutsche Bank AG, Amsterdam Branch.

Deutsche Bank in the Netherlands has always been known for the Trade and Commodity Finance and Corporate Finance involvement. In 2005, the Private Banking activities have been sold to Theodor Gilissen (KBC). The bank now offers a wide range of Global Trade Banking products, like Domestic Custody, Trade Finance, STEF, Cash Management, Trust Services, FX and MM sales, as well as Corporate Finance. DWS has set up an Asset Management part lately.

Deutsche Bank Amsterdam is represented in many of the Dutch Banking Association Advisory Committees as a very active market participant.

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