News May 16, 2019

European election: Christian Sewing encourages colleagues to vote

Dear Colleagues,

The European Union will elect a new parliament from May 23 to 26. It will be a landmark election; its outcome key in determining Europe’s ability to take action, as well as how the fundamental values of solidarity, freedom and democracy develop. As you know, I am firmly convinced that in future we need more European integration rather than less in order to ensure our long-term competitiveness with other business locations around the globe.

Regardless of where you stand on the European Union, I encourage you to exercise your right to vote. The decisions made by the European institutions are of the utmost significance for our daily lives, and the European Parliament performs a key function in this regard. That’s why this election is just as important as any national election.

In our Europe web special you can find a series of interviews with colleagues from various EU member states and discussions with internal and external thought leaders that explain what this European election is about and why it is so important.

Cast your vote and help define the future of Europe. After all, it’s yours and ours, too.

Best regards
Christian Sewing

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