July 25, 2013

Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprises offer business boost to creative graduates

Deutsche Bank today announced the winners of its 21st annual Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprises. A total of 15 awards recognise artistic innovation, talent and creativity with the aim of enabling the next generation of creative entrepreneurs to succeed. The Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprises is part of Born to Be, Deutsche Bank’s recently launched flagship youth engagement programme.

Among this year’s winners are:

  • SWOTstudio – from the Birmingham School of Architecture, BIAD, who received the Deutsche Bank Award in Creative and Cultural Practice for the creation of an incubation space to illustrate the ups and downs of setting up a creative practice.
  • Stefanie Cheong – from The Glasgow School of Art for her O-Pin contemporary jewellery project, encouraging the use of alternative, sustainable materials as well as engaging people in jewellery design.
  • Mauricio Affonso – from the Royal College of Art who received the Deutsche Bank award in Design for Luffa Lab, a project focusing on diverse new uses for the luffa tropical vine plant.

The winners each receive £10,000 start-up capital for their business, a business mentor from Deutsche Bank and a place on a small business training course from East London Small Business Centre. Winners also gain access to new audiences and networks and a place within the illustrious award winners’ alumni. Previous winners have already enjoyed success, notably photographer Jordi Ruiz Cirera who won the prestigious Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize in November 2012, and designers Amos Field Reid and Lasse Oiva, whose mobile coffee trike obtained funding from the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Colin Grassie, Deutsche Bank UK Chief Executive Officer, said; “At Deutsche Bank, we believe that creativity and innovative thinking are vital to business success. Through the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprises, we offer graduating arts students access to our employees’ business expertise, as well as financial support, to give them the best possible chance of fulfilling their potential and making a living from their discipline. I am delighted to announce 15 new award winners for whom we have high hopes."

In addition to the winners, approximately 300 arts students nationwide this year received training to apply entrepreneurial thinking and techniques to their creative practice, with around 200 students developing professional plans for post-graduation careers.

The Awards will be presented at a ceremony held at the Royal College of Art’s new Dyson Gallery in London on 4th September. The Awards were launched by Deutsche Bank in 1993 to offer practical and financial support to freelance artists, craftspeople, designers and performers to start a business or carry out a project in the crucial year after leaving college.

For the past 21 years, the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprises have supported talented and creative graduates from some of the leading art institutions in the UK, with 165 new creative enterprises launched since the programme began.

Full list of winners:

  • LAITO Media – Deutsche Bank Award in Music with the Birmingham Conservatoire and comprising of Rob Lainchbury, James Otto and Kirsty Devaney. LAITO produce creative video for creative people. Their aim is to create interesting and unique promotional videos to help showcase creativity, individuality and personality.

  • SWOTstudio – Deutsche Bank Award in Creative and Cultural Practice with the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, Birmingham City University. Holly Doron, Matt Vaughan and Matt Warren are SWOTstudio; facilitating collaborative design and exploring an alternative route into professional practice. Through the S[q]WOT project, Birmingham City University students will design and build an incubation space within the impressive new BIAD campus. Interdisciplinary, collaborative design workshops, lectures and forums within the university and schools around the Midlands aim to cultivate creative entrepreneurialism in the younger generation. Swotstudio.co.uk

  • BMT (Barely Methodical Troupe) – Deutsche Bank Award in Circus for Circus Space. BMT is an experimental acrobatic circus company, fusing hand-to-hand and cyr wheel techniques with creative dynamic movement. Influenced by their existing skill sets of parkour, bboying and tricking, they bring a fresh perspective to their material. barelymethodical.wix.com/bmtroupe

  • Ahoy! Animation – Deutsche Bank Award in Design with Edinburgh College of Art. Ahoy! Animation is a new Scottish animation collective, emphasising creativity, versatility and professionalism, and covering a range of styles from traditional and digital 2D to stop-motion animation. Ahoy! is centered around its core team of Peter Shaw and Oana Nechifor, but also has a broad network of recent graduates to support projects.

  • O-Pin – Deutsche Bank Award in Creative Practice with The Glasgow School of Art. Stefanie Cheong formed the O-Pin Project to engage people with contemporary art jewellery. Stefanie’s practice focuses on using alternative materials for her jewels, not adding to the negative impact on lives or the environment caused by the diamond and gold industry. O-pin.org

  • Get Lifted! – Deutsche Bank Award in Music, Acting and Technical Theatre with Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Lewis Daniel and Adam Gray of Get Lifted are all about showcasing unsigned, independent and talented people. They want to keep you updated on the hottest gigs/performances happening in and around London, and invite you to their own showcase events. Getlifted.co.uk

  • Whispering Beasts – Deutsche Bank Award in Dramatic Arts with LAMDA. Bryan Moriarty and Sara Joyce will form Whispering Beasts, a new theatre company dedicated to staging new productions of classical and contemporary Irish plays in London. Their mission is to produce miniature seasons of Irish work, staging two or three plays in repertory which are distinctive in style and historical context, though linked by common themes, a united aesthetic and cast of actors. The company’s first double-bill of shows, entitled ‘The Intruder’ will be staged in early 2014.

  • RAAD – Deutsche Bank Award in Architecture with Liverpool School of Art and Design at Liverpool John Moores University. Catherine Traynor, Mark Flynn and Robert Gibson form RAAD (Radical Architecture, Activist Design) use participatory design to propose interventions and events on vacant and under-used spaces to highlight and provide temporary solutions to local problems. A network of events and happenings will provide grassroots regeneration in towns and cities across the UK. Raad.uk.com

  • Joseph Toonga – Deutsche Bank Award in Contemporary Dance with London Contemporary Dance School. Joseph’s work, as both choreographer and performer, fuses contemporary dance and hip hop through his company, Just Us Dance Theatre.

  • Marie von Heyl and Katrin Albrecht – Deutsche Bank Award in Fine Art with Royal Academy of Arts. Marie and Katrin will script and produce ‘Affairs’ – a broadcasting programme that borrows the format of a radio soap opera. Set in a fictitious conference centre, Affairs is narrated from the viewpoint of a mysterious object, function and form which remains undisclosed to the audience. The programme will be complemented by an exhibition that translates elements of the story into the physical world. Marievonheyl.de / katrinalbrecht.com.

  • Thomas Green – Deutsche Bank Award in Performance and Composition with Royal Academy of Music. Tom will launch ScoreSync, providing ways to navigate and simultaneously experience different types of musical media. The software tool will synchronise a musical manuscript file and an audio file, and display them simultaneously. A listener will be able to locate and follow the position in a musical score of an audio performance as it plays.

  • Clare Bottomley – Deutsche Bank Award in Art with Royal College of Art. Artist and educator Clare is producing a socially pertinent experimental film, with the help of young people with disabilities. Clarebottomley.co.uk.

  • Mauricio Affonso – Deutsche Bank Award in Design with Royal College of Art. Mauricio’s project will focus on developing and commercialising new applications for the luffa material. Little explored beyond its conventional use as a bath sponge, luffa cylindrica has a vast range of properties – antimicrobial, biodegradable, lightweight, and highly absorbent: features that make it viable for diverse applications such as low cost medical splints or acoustic insulation. Mauricioaffonso.com

  • Dagmar Kestner – Deutsche Bank Award in Fashion Design with University of the Arts London. Dagmar explores the realm of handcrafted luxury goods from a personal point of view. The essence of her brand is to cultivate traditional handcrafting techniques, through rethinking their aesthetics and the material-supply process. By challenging the technique of Macramé in unexpected ways, she has created a variety of pieces, from detailed bracelets to bold, sculptural leather adornments. Dagmarkestner.com

  • Nikolas Ventourakis – Deutsche Bank Award in Photography with the University of the Arts London. Nikolas is a fine art photographer from Athens in Greece, where the first part of his ‘Leaving Utopia‘ project is based. Nikolas builds semi-abstract narratives using photography, akin to the documentarist tradition. The project explores life during the economic crisis, aiming to jumpstart a dialogue about contemporary issues of identity, community and social conflict. Ventourakis.co.uk.


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The Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprises are part of Born to Be, Deutsche Bank's youth engagement programme in the UK. Born to Be aims to break the cycle of youth unemployment; helping the next generation to develop employable skills, confidence and aspirations.

For more information about the programme and other projects that Deutsche Bank supports please visit Born to Be.

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