November 30, 2009

Topping-out ceremony at Deutsche Bank Towers in Frankfurt

Deutsche Bank Management Board member Hermann-Josef Lamberti: innovations with medium-sized companies create office landscape of the future – Frankfurt’s Lord Mayor Petra Roth: a model for our liveable and modern metropolitan area

Deutsche Bank today celebrates a topping-out ceremony following the full replacement of the tower facades and the integration of a new glass roof over the foyer. Following the traditional foreman’s address, construction workers and companies involved in the project, neighbours as well as representatives of the City of Frankfurt are invited to toast the work completed thus far at the building site on Frankfurt’s Taunusanlage. The topping-out ceremony marks the achievement of a further milestone on the path to the reoccupation of the Deutsche Bank Towers at end of 2010.

A year after the first element was built into the facade in November 2008, the previous glass facade of both 155-meter-high towers has already been fully replaced by a new facade and window surface measuring a total of 40,000 m²; the integration of a further 12,800 m² of glass at the foot of the building has already begun. The foyer has also undergone complete reconstruction and is being given a new 18-meter-wide glass roof which is to provide the building with increased architectural transparency and attractiveness.

Hermann-Josef Lamberti, the Deutsche Bank Management Board member in charge of the project, thanked the Bank’s neighbours, as well as the attendant construction workers and project participants for their work: “650 construction workers from 24 countries and 35 mostly medium-sized companies have been involved in this, by now, world-famous modernization of an office building. Thanks to their efforts, we are right on schedule and are set to achieve our ambitious goal of turning the old twin towers into the new Deutsche Bank Towers". In selecting the contractors to complete the work, Deutsche Bank took particular care to commission medium-sized companies. Some 98 per cent of the companies are based in Germany, of which 40 per cent are located in the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main region. Lamberti added: “we have combined energy-saving renovations with innovation and modernity, thereby creating an office landscape of the future. The medium-sized companies that have helped us will spread the ideas of sustainability and innovation in building renovations around the world.” Deutsche Bank wants to use the reconstruction to make an active contribution to combating climate change as well as to reducing energy consumption and CO² emissions in the building by more than 50 per cent.

In this context, Petra Roth, Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt, underlined the importance of green buildings in urban development: "we are delighted that, as a result of this project, among other things, the concept of green building will be carried far beyond our city's limits. Deutsche Bank’s “Greentowers” demonstrate the enthusiasm for innovation that exists in Frankfurt’s liveable and modern metropolitan area.”

However, the largest reconstruction project in Europe will not only result in one of the most environmentally friendly high-rise buildings in the world. A modern interior design awaits customers, visitors and staff. The bank commissioned the world-renowned Milanese designer and architect, Mario Bellini, with the interior design. In explaining the concept behind the redesign of the foyer to the participants at the topping-out ceremony, Bellini said it will incorporate a glass dome through which the two towers will also be visible from the entrance hall. With a more attractive open space in front of the building, an adjacent sculpture park and a publicly accessible Art Café in the base of the towers facing the Alte Oper, the bank will be opened up and offer a better integration into the public space. Customers will be provided with a new, enlarged branch. The new Deutsche Bank Towers will also include an additional business center, spacious meeting rooms and flexible office space for staff.

The complete modernization of the building at Frankfurt’s Taunusanlage 12 kicked off in December 2007. According to current plans, the interior of the building is set for completion by the end of the second quarter of 2010 and following a test phase, the new Deutsche Bank Towers will be reoccupied by the end of 2010.

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