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Deutsche Bank aims at becoming a world-wide leader in the industry, known as an open, friendly and effective in terms of the employment system, focused on constant learning.
Our main aim is to employ the most intelligent, talented, highly qualified and motivated people all over Poland. We invest in their development and future, as it is inextricably connected with our future. It is absolutely crutial for our success.

Our actions within these frames focus around two main aspects of promotion and development of our employees:

– active support for our employees in achieving our personal development, systematic fulfillment of our professional plans and improving their skills,


– building teams based on trust, and cooperation of its members is verified not only day-to-day conditions, but also in the moment of crises or heavy work-load.

A prominent element of the employee development process is high level of identification with the bank, which should accompany our employees. Via identification with our company we understand performing various tasks on the basis of Deutsche Bank Group values. Following these values gives the guarantee of actions performed in accordance with the bank strategy, expected by the employer, bank shareholders, and also our Clients. Our organisational culture is based on values, which accompany our Employees in everyday work:


Client orientation

The Client is the centre and the driving force of all our actions.



Our financial solutions provide complex and effective financial development, adjusted to the needs and objectives specified by our Clients.



We constantly undertake new challenges and develop new solutions to address Client's needs more accurately.



We trust ourselves and therefore everyone of us can take responsibility for the outcome of our team.

Join us!

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Last Update: November 7, 2011
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