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Vision and Brand

Our vision

We aspire to be the leading client-centric global universal bank.

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Our values and beliefs

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Our brand

Deutsche Bank is clear: we are here to perform – in business and beyond. We do this with a unique mix of passion and precision. This measured approach gives us the confidence to enable agile minds to look beyond the obvious, gaining advantage for everyone we work with.

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Our personality

We are:

  • passionate
  • precise
  • confident
  • agile-minded

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Our promise

What our stakeholders can expect from our brand:

  • excellence: in idea origination and execution, in advice, product and service, delivering one bank with all its resources and capabilities
  • relevant client solutions: understanding diverse client needs, adding value, building trust and commitments that endure
  • responsibility: acting today, thinking about tomorrow, demonstrating transparency and leadership

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Our Passion to Perform has been rewarded internationally with numerous outstanding awards. more


Founded in Berlin in 1870 to support the inter­nation­alization of business and to promote and facilitate trade relations between Germany, other European countries, and overseas markets, Deutsche Bank has developed into a leading global provider of financial services. more

Products and Services

Private & Business Clients

Deutsche Bank’s Private & Business Clients Business Division (PBC) provides branch banking and financial services to private customers, self-employed clients as well as small and medium-sized businesses internationally.

Private & Business Clients  

Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management (PWM) serves high net worth individuals and families worldwide. It provides these very discerning clients with a fully-integrated wealth management service, including inheritance planning and philanthropic advisory services.

Private Wealth Management

Asset Management

Asset Management (AM) provides retail clients across the globe with mutual fund products through our DWS franchise. It also offers institutional clients, including pension funds and insurance companies, a broad range of services from traditional to alternative investment products.

Funds (DWS) 
Institutional Asset Management (DB Advisors)
Insurance Asset Management (Deutsche Insurance Asset Management)
Real estate investment management (RREEF)

Corporate Banking & Securities

Corporate Banking & Securities consists of Markets and Corporate Finance.

Markets combines the sales, trading and structuring of a wide range of financial market products, including bonds, equities and equity-linked products, exchange –traded and over-the-counter derivatives, foreign exchange, money market instruments, securitized instruments and commodities.

Corporate Finance is responsible for mergers and acquisitions, including advisory, debt and equity issuance, and capital markets coverage of large and medium-sized corporations. Regional and industry-focused teams ensure the delivery of the entire range of financial products and services.

Corporate Banking & Securities

Global Transaction Banking

The Global Transaction Banking (GTB) Business Division delivers a comprehensive range of commercial banking products and services for corporate clients and financial institutions, including domestic and cross-border payments, professional risk management and international trade financing. GTB also provides trust, agency, depositary, custody and related services. GTB consists of Cash Management for Corporates and Financial Institutions, Trade Finance and Trust & Securities Services.

Global Transaction Banking



The Risk division identifies, aggregates, manages and mitigates the various risks Deutsche Bank faces. more

Group Technology & Operations

Group Technology & Operations provides the processes, systems and infrastructure which enable Deutsche Bank to thrive in today’s competitive markets. more

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