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June 30, 2009

Success for Deutsche Bank’s Russian research franchise

Deutsche Bank’s Russian franchise has continued to gather momentum, ranking highly in two recent surveys.

The Bank’s Russian Research team was ranked third in Institutional Investor’s annual ranking of Russia’s leading securities researchers, up from fourth position in 2008 and is the leading international broker in Russia.

In addition, a number of analysts received high rankings in the poll. These include:

  • No.3 – Bob Kommers, financial services analyst;
  • No.3 – Pavel Kushnir, oil and gas analyst 
  • No.3 – Yaroslav Lissovolik, economist
  • Runner-up – Dmitry Bulgakov, utilities analyst 
  • Runner-up – Brady Martin, consumer analyst

Thomson Reuters Extel Focus Russia survey

Deutsche Bank also placed highly in the Thomson Reuters Extel Focus Russia survey. Significantly, the Bank was named No.2 in the ‘Leading Brokerage Firm in Russia’ category, up from No.5 last year and is No.1 international broker in Russia.
The Bank was also ranked:

  • No.1 in Consumer 
  • No.1 in Economics & Macro 
  • No.1 in Trading & Execution  
  • No.1 in Utilities 
  • No.2 in Autos & Transport
  • No.2 in Banks & Other Financials
  • No.2 in Metals & Mining
  • No.2 in Oil & Chemicals
  • No.3 in Telecoms
  • No.3 in Chemicals
  • No.3 in Equity Sales
  • No.3 in Media & Technology

Individual rankings in the Thomson Reuters Extel survey were:

  • No.1 – Dmitry Bulgakov, utilities analyst
  • No.2 – Bob Kommers, autos & transport analyst
  • No.2 – Brady Martin, consumer analyst
  • No.2 – Yaroslav Lissovolik, economics & macro. Lissovolik also rose to No.3 strategist overall in the poll, having not made the top three last year.
  • No.2 – Pavel Kushnir, oil & gas analyst
  • No.2 – Igor Semenov telecoms analyst
  • No.2 – Shane Sorg, trading & execution analyst


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