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July 8, 2011

Dmitry Agishev Recognized the Media Manager of the Year

The prize was established in 2001 with a view to enhancement of public awareness of most significant media developments and activities. It is promoted by MediaHouse publishers and a professional journal, Media News, with the aid of Russian Public Relations Association, Association of Communication Agencies of Russia, National Association of Television and Radio Broadcasters and some other establishments.

Dmitry Agishev’s prize-winning merit was the development and most efficient implementation of Deutsche Bank’s rebranding on the Russian market in 2010. The prize’s symbol is a seagull soaring over sea waves. The bird’s wingspan is indicative of the letter M in the prize’s logo. The seagull figurine that successful competitors receive is an artistic embodiment of freedom and transparency, as well as the infinite vistas open for the media business.


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