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September 29, 2011

Managers of Deutsche Bank in Russia are Included to the Annual Rating “1000 Top Managers in Russia”

Joerg Bongartz, Chairman of the Board Deutsche Bank Ltd., ranked 10th as a Top Manager of Commercial Banks, the only expat in the category.

Dmitry Agishev, Head of PR, Communications and Marketing, was the 3rd best as Director for Public and Corporate Relations of Commercial Banks.

The annual rating “1000 Top Russian Managers” has been run by the Association of Managers since 2001. Under this project, the best managers are selected in each particular niche in the economy, who are then classified by 16 base branches of the economy and managers’ functional duties.

The heights scaled by the Deutsche Bank staff in Russia’s principal business rating prove that the Bank’s employees are highly skilled and surely have their distinct say within the professional community.


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