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December 26, 2011

Deutsche Bank Russia is awarded for its corporate social activities in 2011

Deutsche Bank becomes the only foreign bank among the Top-10 leaders of corporate philanthropy according to the Vedomosti ranking. Deutsche Bank is also recognized as the Socially Responsible Bank by the committee of the National Banking Award of the Association of Russian Banks.

On November 18, in Moscow, the organizers summed up the outcomes of the IV annual study “Leaders of Corporate Charity 2011” arranged by the Vedomosti business newspaper, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) international audit and advisory network and Donors  Forum nonprofit partnership of grant making organizations. This project aims to analyze the experience of Russian and international companies in corporate philanthropy in Russia, find out the best practices in devising charitable programs and disseminate information about them in the business environment and society as a whole. 

The study which investigated the results of 2010 involved more than 50 local and international companies implementing programs in the Russian Federation with annual turnover of at least 300 million rubles. When selecting the leaders, the organizers took into account the efficiency and consistency of charitable programs as well as corporate extension practices. All in all, there were nine criteria to assess companies by, which concerned the content and quality of charities. The study methodology was specially developed by PwC with allowance for specific Russian conditions. Companies were also assessed in the Finance and Industry categories. Deutsche Bank came out second best here.  

According to expert opinion, assistance to local communities, social work and protection and educational programs were last year’s most popular charities.
Deutsche Bank’s contribution to creating a favorable social climate in Russia was also appreciated by the Association of Russian Banks. December 14 was the day of the VII Ceremony of presenting the 2011 National Bank Award organized by ARB. More than 60 banks were nominated for the Award, with over 100 applications filed with the organizing committee.  Deutsche Bank was the winner of the National Bank Award of the Association of Russian Banks as the Socially Responsible Bank. 

The prestigious awards are yet other evidence that corporate social responsibility is for Deutsche Bank one of the key components of strategic development and an integral part of daily work.


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