Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management Russia aims to provide financial services for wealthy individuals and their families, who choose Deutsche Bank’s reputation and extensive experience. We are honoured to work onshore and deliver services to our clients directly from Moscow office. The efforts of our Department are geared towards stable appreciation of our clients’ capital with low risks.

Private Wealth Management Russia was established in July, 2003. Deutsche Bank pays special attention to the development of Private Wealth Management, which is traditionally one of the highest priorities in Deutsche Bank AG structure. We use unique capabilities of the Deutsche Bank group, to provide our Clients with the access to the widest range of the financial services and instruments. We have developed portfolio investment strategy which is meeting the international standard requirements and at the same time is aimed at fulfilling local market expectations.

Russia has always been among the most important markets for Deutsche Bank, and its role has been continuously increasing.

Dear Customers of Private Wealth Management,

Please be informed of change of Tariffs for Banking Services for the Clients of Private Wealth Management (Tariffs).

Could you kindly pick up your mail at the Bank.

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Deutsche Bank Ltd.

Contact information

Tel.: (+7 495) 797 50 00
Fax: (+7 495) 797 51 98

Tim Knoll
Head of Private Wealth Management Russia
Address of the Deutsche Bank Office in Moscow

St. Petersburg

Tel: (+7 812) 363-4453
Fax: (+7 812) 363-4454

Ulyana Petrosyan
Head of the Private Wealth
Management Office, St. Petersburg
Address of the Representative Office
of Deutsche Bank Ltd.
in St. Petersburg

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