Environmental Financial Products in Russia &CIS

We are proud to be a leader in global emissions markets

In the emissions markets established under the Kyoto Protocol, Deutsche Bank is involved in over 50 projects with total expected reductions of over 185m tonnes CO2e

  • structured, syndicated and wrapped one of the world's largest private sector CER deals (29.5 mln tonnes)
  • continues to source emissions reductions projects, leveraging extensive local relationships and expertise via Deutsche Bank's branch network in Russia & CIS
  • has experience of a wide range of project types

Deutsche Bank plays a significant role in the secondary Kyoto emissions reductions markets
  • market-maker to all major emissions brokers and traders
  • provides value-added structured emissions products for compliance buyers, including "guaranteed delivery certificates"
  • provides related banking services such as custody / escrow, credit facilities, etc.
  • provides emissions-related investment products to institutional / retail investors, including cash-settled derivatives

Deutsche Bank has a long term commitment to Russia & CIS. With offices in Moscow and Kiev, we take a client-oriented approach, offering a number of innovative solutions to accommodate clients' needs. We add value to Russia & CIS clients by offering:

  • structured trades including off-take purchases & prepays
  • hybrid transactions with other commodity trades (oil, gas, coal, steel, and power)
  • financing capability
  • relationship with national authorities granting approvals
  • legal and tax support in executing trade documentation
  • network of technical consultants to evaluate, develop and register UN projects
  • market research expertise

We also offer a number of emission related derivatives and investment products to our clients on global basis.

Our Environmental Financial Product specialists in Moscow and London:

Deutsche Bank London
Brett Orlando
Tel: + 44 20754 73347
Mob: + 44 7984 545 800

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Last Update: December 22, 2011
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