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Dear clients,

Investor Services Russia would like to inform you that as from November 1, 2015 Deutsche Bank Ltd. introduces the standard length of operational day which is being set for all depositors from 7:00 to 22:50 Moscow time (on business days). The length of operational day is determined by the Order of the Chairman of the Management Board No.161 dated October 14, 2015.

The term “operational day” is defined in accordance with the Regulation of the Central Bank of Russia No.3642-U dated May 19, 2015 “On standard requirements towards reconciliation of securities quantity by depository and registrar, providing a depositor with information about rights on securities by depository, defining the length of operational day and disclosure of information about the length of operational day”.

Please note that in accordance with Custody Conditions of Deutsche Bank Ltd. securities instructions and other documents are accepted for execution from 9:00 to 16:30 Moscow time on business days.

Core Services

- Safekeeping and settlement of securities
- Corporate actions processing
- Proxy voting services
- Securities income processing
- Informational support
- Facilitation of depository receipts issuance and cancellation

Contact Information

Tel: +7 495 797 50 00
Fax: +7 495 797 50 99

Ekaterina Kalinina
Head of Investor Services Russia

Julia Shuvalova
Deputy Head of Investor Services Russia for Client Relationship Management

Dmitry Ishutin
Deputy Head of Investor Services Russia for Product Management

Market Infrastructure Membership

Supervisory Board of NSD

Customer Committee of NSD

Committee for Quality Control and Risk Management of NSD

Committee for Settlement and Depository Services and Tariffs of NSD

Committee for Registrar and Depository Relations of NSD

Committee for Center of Corporate Actions and Corporate Information of NSD

Depository Committee of NAUFOR

Russian Securities Market Practice Group of ROSSWIFT


Ratings and Awards

Global Custodian is the leading international analytical magazine devoted to the custody business. It conducts surveys and assigns ratings to the leaders of custody industry in the emerging markets on the basis of the questionnaires filed by their clients.

Global Custodian 2014 Emerging Markets Survey:
Rated “Global Outperformer”
Rated “Market Outperformer”
Rated “Category Outperformer” in all categories

Global Custodian 2004 - 2013 Emerging Markets Surveys:
Domestic clients: Top Rated (9 years out of 10)
Cross-border clients: Top Rated (6 years out of 9)
Leading clients: Top Rated (2 years out of 5)

Global Investor/ISF is international analytical magazine that conducts various annual surveys about securities markets including those associated with custody services.

Global Investor/ISF 2015 Rating: Deutsche Bank Ltd. confirmed the high level of services and was recommended as service provider by clients.

Investor Services in Russia established custody operations in 1998 to service both local and international investors (Custody License No. 177-05616-000100 issued in September 2001 by Federal Securities Commission).

Custody conditions (PDF / 1 MB)

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