Historically the "Izvestia" Company has been outgoing and open to communication and new contacts. We highly value cooperation with our partners and try to make it as pleasant as possible for them. Therefore, when the Deutsche Bank proposed to us a concept of a joint project we readily agreed to work together.

Today we present to you the results of our partnership and we are glad that our cooperation turned out to be productive. The interest in the photographic archive of the newspaper and its materials, many of which are real masterpieces, is very important. Demand for the archive makes it possible to introduce to our contemporaries photos taken many years ago, which reflect the history of Russia at different moments of its development.

In the recent years we have been fervently catching up with life and forgot many thing worth remembering, and now the time of reflection has come and again we turn to our past, since IT is well known that history is cyclic, which means that old photographic chronicles can easily help us illustrate the future and evaluate the present.

Different photos appear in the calendar, but we tried to bring forth the everyday life of common people, their everyday concerns and pleasures. It is from these small building blocks that the life of a whole country is composed. Such building blocks, which became the foundation of our fruitful cooperation in the joint project with the Deutsche Bank, were the sincere interest of both parties in the result and the warm attitude to the process of work.

For several years now we have produced calendars for the New Year. Each time when we think of the concept and select illustrations we try to find the only correct decision and the only successful move, which would make the calendar beautiful, pleasant for everyday contemplation and original. We meet with s tot of artistic people, including gallery owners and authors, and do our best lo understand which of the proposed materials are authentic and which are just professional craftsmanship. But in the process of search we always find the idea of the year that may not amaze the customer, but will certainty please him and make him smite.

Work on this calendar brought about new creative torments. The desire to switch from painting to photography was clear. But how can we make a calendar with photographs original but without outrage,, which in our case was out of the question from the very start? Sometimes good ideas come during sleep Bui in this case it became clear that cooperation with a reliable partner with a name, experience and an archive would be 3 good solution.

We proposed partnership to one of the oldest Russian newspapers "lzvestia". It was gratifying that the newspaper immediately liked the idea of a joint project and the calendar concept. It is known that the photographic archive of "tivestia" is one of the best in Russia. It absorbed the history, reforms and life of the country and its people.

While selecting materials for the calendar we studied faces of people in the photos, evaluated the composition and unwillingly immersed in the distant and not so distant history of our country. Our concept shows people, who as one team comprising different generations grew up, studied, created and believed in the good and the bright. They passed to us the mood and the inspiration for further achievements. And epoch-making details, which surround the people in the photos, remind us of the grandiose plans and achievements that these people were working at together with the rest of the country.

And working together with outstanding professionals of publishing, photo and design world was a professional pleasure. Working with a good team is pleasant, productive and half of the success. It is an opportunity to indulge in a passion to perform. We hope you will enjoy the result of our team's work.




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Last Update: February 28, 2017
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