Business in the modern word resembles the Olympic Games. Only the strongest take part, striving to be the best in their field. Having achieved that position, they aim towards new heights and then defend them in the daily marathon.

In order to stay at the very top, you need to be in good shape, both professionally and physically. That is the way to ensure you can respond quickly, take the right decisions, develop affectively and achieve success.

The daily successes in our business life are achieved with the help of our hobbies: we know that only talented people can find the solutions required to lead the company to success. Sport helps employees to hone their skills, sharpen their talents and improve themselves.

This calendar brings together scenes from our daily work, envisioned through a sporting prism. And the sporting heroes are our colleagues. This calendar depicts both top managers and staff in our usual office environment but engaged in something you don't usually see them doing: sport against a familiar background.

Often, we know people as professionals but have little idea about our colleagues' hobbies. What do they do outside the office? What other talents do they have? And what interests them other than work?

They express themselves through a wide variety of hobbies and interests, improving themselves and reaching new heights.

Sport is one of the most popular hobbies. No matter what kind of sport you prefer - whether it be downhill skiing, golf, ice hockey, boxing or skydiving — every time you are victorious it strengthens you mentally and opens up new horizons.

Here we present some of the Bank's employees in a new light. You will no doubt be interested to learn that most of us practise one sport or another. And the list of them is both long and varied: from the well-known such as volley-ball and basketball to more exotic sports such as skydiving or Thai boxing.

The Bank also has a football team, set up by employees a number of years ago. The team has won more than a dozen prizes in a variety of football competitions.

In addition, the Bank has its very own champions. In 1999, Charles Ryan won 'Autumn 4 balls', a major golf tournament in Russia organised by Le Meridien Moscow Country Club; in 1990, Greg Roberts became a world champion in Canopy Relative Work; and in 2007, Mansur Mustafin became the Russian skydiving champion.

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Last Update: February 28, 2017
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