This year DB Russia Art Calendar features Nikolay Zagrekov’s works. Zagrekov is a prominent German artist of a Russian origin. In his motherland, people first heard about him only five years ago, when retrospective exhibitions of his works took place at Moscow’s State Tretyakov Gallery and St. Petersburg’s State Russian Museum. Both exhibitions were supported by Deutsche Bank.

We would like to thank Friends’ society of Zagrekov, and personally Ms. Olga Medvedko, Ms. Nadejda Maximova and Mr. Stefan Bubenzer for their invaluable help in this project.

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Nikolai Aleksandrovich Zagrekov (1897–1992) is a Russian-German artist, an outstanding representative of the trend “new materiality”, architect, professor.

Studied in Bogolyubov drawing college in Saratov and at Higher National Art and Technical Studio in Moscow (P. Konchalovsky and I. Mashkov). In the end of 1921 together with his wife, a German from the Volga region Gertruda Galler, went to Berlin where he taught portrait and nude painting at the Professional College of Art and Trades. In 1933 after Nazis came to power, was dismissed from the college. From 1934 till 1944 — Director of the Art School of Plein Ar Painting in Berlin.

From the beginning of the 1920-ies Zagrekov exhibited a lot. Participated in annual shows of the Prussian Academy of Arts, exhibitions of the Union of Berlin Artists in Berlin, Munich, Paris, Vienna and many other cities.

After the war worked a lot as an architect, restored ruinous buildings in Berlin and designed new buildings, was Deputy Chairman of the Union of Berlin Artists. From 1956 till last years of his life worked in the West Berlin as a freelance artist. Zagrekov painted the portraits of outstanding political statesmen such as Friedrich Ebert and Gustav Stresemann, Willy Brandt and Walter Sheel.

Was awarded with the highest prize of the FRG — honorary Cross for merits to the country in the field of art. In 1986 became a winner of the European prize “Golden Palm of Europe”. In 1991 the last personal exhibition of the artist took place in Berlin. During many years creative work of Nikolai Zagrekov remained unknown at home. And only in 2004 within the framework of the year of culture of Germany in Russia an exhibition “Nikolai Zagrekov: Return to Russia” took place in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and in the Russian Museum in Saint-Petersburg.

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