Global Technology, Capital Markets (GT CM)

Global Technology, Capital Markets (GT CM) continues active participation in banking software development.

The Department was established in 2000 with the task to improve Deutsche Bank Group operating activities processes on international financial markets, including such markets as New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Deutsche Boerse.

Software developed with the participation of the Department in Moscow is currently used by Deutsche Bank Group companies in New-York, Frankfurt am Main, London, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong-Kong. Engineering solutions of our colleagues find recognition as the best IT-projects with respect to their implementation. In particular, in 2003 "Raptor" (Realtime Analytics Platform for Trading and Research) was recognized as the "Premier Project of the Year" by the British Association "Information Management Awards". Furthermore, in 2004 stock exchange trade automation platform ("ARINA") received prestigious awards "Best use of IT in Whole sale Banking" and "Best IT Practice 2004" in Technical Innovations category. In the sphere of information technologies such awards are equivalent to "Oscar".

The Department is actively growing, hiring new specialists, currently the number of the employees is more than 400.

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Last Update: May 29, 2015
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