Deutsche Bank South Africa Staff Charity lunch raises funds and hope for charity

September 2016 | Sandton

Over ZAR160,000.00 was raised through the participation of Deutsche Bank South Africa staff at the charity lunch – a fun, fundraising event where senior managers turned waiters competed to raise the most tips, serving staff a decadent three course meal which was followed with a fun interactive auction – the proceeds, which are matched by the Deutsche Bank South Africa Foundation, are going to one of Deutsche Bank SA’s Born to Be education partners: Brainwave Careers. “I’ve realised anew that we have some of the most generous team members in the bank!” said Danelee Masia, co Head of Research and moonlighting waitress for the charity lunch. “There was stiff competition between waiters in raising the most funds from their respective tables. Eventually, everyone just loved the attention they were getting from all the waiters, and didn’t mind tipping other waiters too. It was a fun way of raising money. I was really surprised at the total funds we raised in just an hour. These are tough times economically speaking, so this was a significant feat!”

Clint Lamont, COO Country Head South Africa commented: ”Incredible day …really great to be able to spend some quality time with colleagues away from our desks and the pressured work environment while at the same time having some fun and doing something really meaningful that has such a positive impact on those in need. Time, energy and money well spent – great event.” Brainwave Careers projects range from pre-school and primary school teacher development through to high school youth study and career development. In her speech Dr Lanette Hattingh from Brainwave Careers shared: “Tangible results are not always lasting results as learners will leave school, teachers will move on, pass rates will be forgotten. What really matters is an everlasting impact – value added through engagement - values that will enhance the lives of our teachers and learners.”

The goal of Deutsche Bank’s partnership with Brainwaves is to make sure children who attend pre-school receive a proper education from teachers who’ve had the right training. By supporting Brainwave Careers, Deutsche Bank SA recognise that a good teacher can help a person begin realising their potential from an early age, providing greater returns than later remedial interventions.



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