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Ntataise means to lead a young child by the hand

The early years determine a child's mental, emotional and social growth and development. Out partnership with Ntataise aims, through timely and appropriate interventions, to minimize the effects of poverty and early deprivation on children, by increasing access to good quality early childhood development programmes.

Ntataise is an independent, not-for-profit organization that has been in existence for 36 years. Ntataise’s main objective is to ensure that growing numbers of children living in disadvantaged communities of South Africa gain access to quality early childhood development opportunities that support their physical, emotional and cognitive growth.

To achieve this, Ntataise equips women in these impoverished, marginalized communities with the knowledge and skills required to enable them to establish effective Early Childhood Development programmes for vulnerable young children. This is achieved by providing a formal ECD qualification at NQF Level 4. The qualification incorporates a mentorship component and includes courses, workshops, on-site support and assessment visits designed to facilitate effective implementation of the theory that has been covered.

Ntataise's work is divided between its training and development programme and  national network capacity building and support prograamme spanning seven provinces.


What people are saying

I am going to change lives of many children because I have learnt and understand so much more about children. The Ntataise training is really making me the best person when coming to develop children and a better teacher in general.”

Ntswaki Mohaka, an ECD practitioner


Ntataise: more than 35 years in leading early childhood development.

What they learn

- Timely development

- Essential Skills

- Networks

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