Inspiring greatness

Some people are born to lead.

Young leaders are needed to help our society meet the challenges of tomorrow. We support Columba Leadership’s work with Grade 10 students who want to drive change for themselves and their communities.

Columba’s leadership development programme concentrates on young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who have experienced the effects of poverty, HIV/AIDS, limited employment and poor educational opportunities.

The programme nurtures leadership potential over a period of two years, through residential learning, community involvement and ongoing support. Examples from nature, history and culture show how every human being has greatness in them and can be a leader if they have the right values.

The programme has a multiplier effect, as graduates transform the lives of those around them.

Making Incredible Change: Nkotlana Rosey Seima at TEDxWesterfordHighSchool

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What they learn
  • self-confidence
  • leadership skills
  • civic values

There have been more than 1,200 learner graduates from the Columba Leadership programme.

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