Deutsche Bank is a leader in the South African derivatives market including warrants, portfolio trading, OTC derivatives and structured derivatives making use of the Deutsche Bank balance sheet to structure equity transactions for corporates. It also adds value to company incentive schemes and has funded BEE organizations using innovative funding mechanisms.

Global Equity Derivatives is the market's leading provider of investment and risk management solutions. The award-winning platform is a dominant force in the equities derivatives arena, pioneering the redistribution of risk to deliver solutions ahead of the market.

This integrated group offers a broad spectrum of market-driven products including exchange traded and OTC vanilla derivatives as well synthetic and complex equity derivatives. Other products lines which are part of this franchise are illiquid assets, strategic equity derivatives and financing, structured equity finance and fund and hybrid derivatives. The team's structured products encompass yield-enhancing, principal protected and market access offerings.

With a unique expertise to handle massive flows, deliver price efficiency and innovate, the equity derivatives franchise provides solutions to a wide array of institutions, hedge funds, corporates and retail clients.

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Last Update: June 8, 2010
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