Companies and the digital Challenge

Dr. Laura Sophie Dornheim is a freelance consultant on digital strategies. She works for an AdBlocker company and is a firm advocate of a better internet. In her doctoral thesis she focused on the topic “Women in top positions in the consulting industry“. At this year’s re:publica she will be speaking, among other things, about female founders.


In conversation with the expert

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The digital strategies consultant on...

...the internet as a trend:
“I don’t believe there’s any company that is still convinced that the internet will ‘go away’ at some point. For a relatively long time it was actually the case that older, more conservative companies in particular hoped that they could somehow sit things out, that it was a trend which would disappear again.”


...the practicality of digital tools:
“Ultimately, everything made available to us by the digital world is a tool - a good old-fashioned tool. I can do a lot of good things with a hammer, but I can also do a lot of damage. I can also leave my hammer in a corner of the room. It depends, therefore, on the tools I choose and which combinations I choose.” trailblazers:
“The majority of users are already one step ahead of the big companies. Every company needs someone who is a bit of a trailblazer, therefore. I believe we are in an exploratory phase, in which consumer goods companies and companies which have extensive contact to customers are on the right path – if they actually use the communication possibilities offered by the digital world, if they are open for input from their users.”


...analogue reality:
“I still deal with companies that, when asked which digital tools they use, reply: 'email'. They still exist. Of course it raises a smile, but I always find it quite valuable, because it brings you back down to earth. Not everybody is as digitally savvy as the start-up scene in central Berlin, where people are glued to their smartphones and everybody knows the latest app.”


...challenges for companies:
“I believe the two biggest challenges are: one, finding the right tool internally – just because a tool is new and cool doesn’t necessarily mean that it is what best suits your company; and two, then bringing this tool to life.”