Digitizing manufacturing

In Industry 4.0, production is dovetailed with state-of-the-art information and communication technology. The driving force behind this development is the rapidly increasing digitization of the business world and society. Thomas Kirchner, the founder and managing director of ProGlove, wants to accelerate the integration of digital technologies into analogue production processes and has designed an intelligent glove for this purpose.


In conversation with the expert

A conversation with Thomas Kirchner about the digital, industrial revolution…

New technologies increase efficiency in production:
Production is, in part, still very much an analogue process. This is true not only of production processes, but also the means of production and the products themselves. It is a question of efficiency. Faster flows, improved quality. Companies are hoping that the technologies being introduced in Industry 4.0 will considerably enhance efficiency, possibly by as much as a factor of 10. With our intelligent glove you can perform certain production processes in half the time.

Intelligent data analysis is a prerequisite:
Go and observe industrial production! When we are on site we see many production processes that are inefficient. If I want to develop something really useful for industrial workers, I have to go to the production line. I have to visit the factory and speak with the workers, ask them what problems they face. We do this regularly.

In the future, communication will be needed between man and machine:
Industry continues to develop, simple automation is no longer sufficient, industrial processes have to be networked with one another using communication technologies. We believe that human workers and digital systems, using new technologies such as robots and drones, will communicate with each other and work together in the future.