Personalising a retail experience

Julia Bösch has a vision: she wants to free men from the “torture” of shopping. That’s why Julia and her colleague at Zalando, Anna Alex, made the decision to leave their old company and open Outfittery together. Their role: to help men find their own style and give them more free time, by putting together customised outfits for them.


Insights into the world of Outfittery


What drives Julia?
The fashion expert on…

...her life as a businesswoman: “It’s a crazy, roller coaster ride. And while incredible things happen, you know it can all go downhill the next day. Then there are the boulders you have to move out of your way. Still, it’s amazing to see how many boulders you can move out of the way as a team. “


...her business idea: “Anna and I were inspired during a trip to New York, where a friend of ours lives – also an entrepreneur. He had the typical complaint, ‘I don’t want to spend too much time shopping, but I want to look good when I go out.’ So he got himself a personal shopper, which isn’t uncommon in New York. The shopper went to boutiques, put together outfits, and brought them home to him. I had never seen him that happy after ‘shopping’ before. That’s when we decided: we need to get this idea online and bring it to Europe.”


...her customers: “Women are an important factor for us. Once they’ve been married for around three years, they don’t feel like going shopping for their husbands anymore – so they’re happy to sign them up with Outfittery.”


...women as entrepreneurs: “It’s not a disadvantage to be women. We stand out more than men do. The only way to increase the proportion of female entrepreneurs – I think it’s currently around 10 percent – is through role models. A sort of ‘Well, if they can do it, so can I’ mentality. I think that’s the only way it will work.


...start-up culture: “The German scene is a lot more cautious than the American one. Americans are better self-marketers by nature. I studied in New York and you really feel the ‘anything is possible‘ vibe there. I was there with two classmates for my semester abroad and, funnily enough, they also started a company right away. So something was in the air over in New York…”