Economy Stories is a video series that showcases people from the world of business. They speak about issues that are important because they are changing and developing society, which makes them of interest to everyone.

Die post industrielle Revolution
Play for progress
Driving Social Innovation
Simplified Work

Digitizing means simplification

Jakob Schreyer meets the challenge to simplify technology in such a way that it will actually be used. more


Creating virtual worlds

Alex Simon talks about the fascination of creating virtual experiences and memorable moments. more
Future of the Renminbi

Future of the Renminbi

Evan Goldstein comments on the rise of a new global currency. more

Future of digital storytelling

Future of digital storytelling

Markus Peichl reflects on the future of digital storytelling and explains why we need to adjust to new ways of communicating. more

Design of tomorrow

Design of tomorrow

How can we experience mobile applications in a more emotional and personalised way? A researcher and a banker reflect on the meaning of design in the digital age. more

Moving perspectives

Moving perspectives

Björn Bollensdorff tells the story of a 360-degree camera. more

The art of paper business
Urbanisation: Prospects of infrastructure

Urbanisation: Prospects of infrastructure

What opportunities and challenges does urbanisation present to society? Dr. Ulrich Stephan and Julian Petrin on the prospects of modern city infrastructure. more

Sharing knowledge
Digitalising healthcare
Daring to innovate
Creativity in the digital age
Going global with local cuisine
Dialogue in the digital age
Sustainable product design
Hybrid thinking
On-demand society