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Deutsche Bank's art project with Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK):

The spot: Prime Tower Zurich - Hardbrücke station

When moving into Prime Tower, Deutsche Bank (Switzerland) Ltd rented an advertising space at Hardbrücke station which is two minutes walk from Prime Tower. The advertising space located in a tunnel is used by all the passengers heading towards Prime Tower and the surrounding area. As well as improving Hardbrücke train station, which is due to be completely renovated in a few years, we want to use the site to support the young master of fine arts students at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and demonstrate our commitment as a Corporate Citizen.

About 17ZWEI

Zurich University of the Arts is also located in Zurich-West, so it has a special relationship with Hardbrücke. The name of the project comes from the dimensions of the site, which is roughly 17 x 2 metres or 17ZWEI. A competition on the subject of Hardbrücke will be held for those students currently doing their master of fine arts degrees to gather sketches for the advertising space, and the entries considered by an independent jury. The selected art works will be presented on the site, reproduced on tarpaulin. At intervals of six weeks over 2012, students on the master of fine arts course at the Zurich University of the Arts will have their works displayed in succession.

Deutsche Bank has been promoting young artists for over 30 years. With 17ZWEI we are helping to shape the area around the new Prime Tower. We feel a particular commitment to our new neighbourhood and are keen to express this with “17ZWEI."

Work 17 (Mai 2014): Marieke Gelissen

Some objects want to be touched, to be squeezed, to be taken. It is the start of a physical encounter between the body and the object. Marieke Gelissen
investigates this encounter with practical performative research, which results in installations of photos and videos, showing the actions and moments that she captured. Marieke Gelissen (*1970) graduated
from Gerrit Rietveld Academy 2012. She lives and works in Amsterdam.

For 17ZWEI Marieke Gelissen transformed the experience of entering a tunnel into a simple action: pulling a piece of rolled paper. A gentle pull of the artist’s hands let the roll turn itself into a perfectly shaped cone, the opening invitingly open, as if it were possible to enter. Gelissen: “I wanted to freeze this moment and upscale it to the size of the Hardbrücke underpass. Thus creating a parallel form that enables passers-by to physically relate to this form and reflect on their actual position in it.”

Work 16 (March 2014): Steven Emmanuel

Steven Emmanuel is a conceptual artist working across numerous disciplines. Within his practice his approach to art-making is in a state of constant change. Each work is informed and shaped by its context. Whether the work is whimsical or serious, it is full of knowing contradictions that subtly challenge and question the boundaries between art and life. Steven Emmanuel (*1982, Wales) studied at the Royal College of Art, London. He lives and works in Nuremberg, Germany.

Hardbrücke and Zürich West is a place in the process of change and construction, driven by the strength of the Swiss economy and as an epicenter of its financial market. ‘The silent theme’ presents an appropriated musical score from the game Tetris, originally taken from the Russian folk tale Korobeiniki. The music is repeated by the thousand and begins to read like entries to a ledger, relentless and vast, it is indistinguishable in its entirety. The work reflects the hustle and bustle of the space and our individual position within it.

Work 15 (Januar 2014): Shahzad Khan

Shahzad Khan (*1979) is a Pakistani artist primarily working in the fields of painting, photography, shadow and paper sculpture. Many of his works are installations created for the public sphere. Khan developed a unique technique of Paper Art called “Meri Gami” to produce artworks. Through his work he introduces and experiments with traditional Pakistani Truck-Art examining social and cultural concerns. Khan holds a Masters degree in Sculpture and Product Design from the National College of Arts Lahore. He currently lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan.

“Daikh Magar Payar Say” (Watch with Love) is the title of a series of artworks by Shahzad Khan and originates from a famous poetic verse used in Pakistani Truck-Art. By using a minimalistic form of Pakistani Truck-Art Khan evokes feelings of delicacy, love and care through welcoming gestures. The artwork is a depiction of a traveller who observes, interacts and experiences other travellers with different human nature, varying moods, and destinations but in the end arrives home alone.

Work 14 (December 2013): Idan Hayosh

Idan Hayosh´s process/artistic practice is a direct reaction to found imagery. He mainly works with strong images that represent danger in their symbolism, mainly taken from a military context. Hayosh carefully transforms this material into installations, in which content and visual language are restaged. Idan Hayosh (IL/RO), born 1979 in Tel Aviv is the author of several books, and regularly contributes to newspapers with his found footage archives. His work has been exhibited extensively at museums and institutions in Europe.

dot sketches #4 – #12 display examples of diagram drawings of weaponry layouts inspired by propaganda photographs of aircrafts, helicopters, and their bombs, missiles and bullets layouts. Grouped together, these sketches appear as a suggestion of archetypes and structures of intimidation.

More about Idan Hayosh on ArtMag

Work 13 (October 2013): Hugo Orlandini

Shortcut nº 5 alludes to the basic need to wander and move around; the eternal search for a home.
Today, keyboard language is part of our everyday life (SMS, chat, etc.) and is deeply incorporated into the
way we express ourselves. These keyboard shortcuts have become part of our collective imagination.
The abstract quality of this language plays within a universe in which imagination is set free.

Hugo Orlandini was born in 1974 in Santiago de Cuba. With his work Orlandini essentially examines
social and political concerns. Orlandini introduces new questions to known and accepted systems,
experiments with different materials, evokes new representations and works artistically with different
media such as photography, sculpture and installations. His oeuvre has been shown in national and international
exhibitions and art fairs. It is part of private collections and has been published in catalogues, magazines and newspapers.
Hugo Orlandini lives and works in Barcelona.

Work 12 (September 2013): Monika Drożyńska

Monika Drożyńska: Less is enough

The art work “Less is enough” is a part of a larger project called “Urban embroidery”, which started in 2010. The artist uses embroidery as a kind of documentation for anonymous vandalism describing the urban area. The photographic documentation of the embroideries is placed on billboards in urban areas.



Monika Drożyńska is a polish artist active in various areas of art. She is working as a designer, performer, author of installations and projects in public space. Her works retain the energy and the spirit of adventure and discovery, of having fun – in this way they not only explore ways of engaging with the city, they themselves are a particular way of engaging with the city, one that is fresh, intelligent, bitingly ironic and witty, and at the same time extremely serious.

She is a participant of national and international exhibitions and projects (including Zachêta National Gallery of Art, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Museum in Kraków) and received numerous prizes for her artistic work.

Work 11 (June 2013): Carlo Zanni

Carlo Zanni: LOCALHOST

LOCALHOST shows a standardized internet error message stating that an image named “me_BIG.jpg” could not be found. The directory describes values I personally believe in but which sometimes are hard to live by. Especially today, these values are challenged by society and interpreted differently in each country. Keeping in mind that values vary from place to place and from person to person, the piece works like a graffiti in progress and invites the viewers to participate and interact.



Carlo Zanni was born in 1975 in La Spezia (Italy). In his artistic practice Zanni employes mainly Internet data to create time-based social sculptures with which he examines contemporary life. Although Zanni does not dabble in the art world on a regular basis, his work has been exhibited worldwide. Zanni founded, among other things, the platform to explore new projects, venues of distribution of video and new media.

Work 10 (May 2013): Marijke Appelman

Marijke Appelman, Nature Copies Us

Nature Copies Us, 2012 is a digital image featuring a close-up of the leaves of an ornamental plant, digitally manipulated to simulate a Rorschach effect. The 'fearful symmetry' of the image is stressed by the title of the work, which reverts the usual saying according to which art copies nature. Marijke Appelman's works are small gestures and ideas towards the appreciation of art and life. The works are simultaneously lyric and straightforward.



Marijke Appelman was born in Haarlem, The Netherlands, in 1979. After finishing the BA in Fine Art at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (2008) and shortly studying at Piet Zwart Institute's MA in Media Design (2009) Marijke Appelman participated in residency programs in Austria, Norway, The Netherlands, Iceland and Denmark. Aside self imposed projects on art & theory, curating and Mail Art she has exhibited at various places from artists run initiatives to galleries and exhibition spaces. She teaches Fine Art at The Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag.

Work 09 (April - May 2013): Florent Meng

Florent Meng, Foil Blankets, 2013

“The equipment-free aspect of reality has here become the height of artifice, and the vision of immediate reality the Blue Flower in the land of technology.“
Walter Benjamin

Florent Meng chose the iso-thermal blanket not for itself but as media analysis. It’s a significant object, usually disposable and used in emergency cases. It introduces the principle of reality by the trace of its use, not through its’ reflective qualities, voluntarily reduced here. The desire to reduce and to freeze this reflection of the exterior pulls the object towards the virtual. It does not imply the presence of the passerby, becoming a deceptive translation of Stendhal’s definition of reality, “like a mirror that strolls along the way”.

Florent Meng lives and works in Paris and Genf. He is represented by Sandra Recio, Genf.

  • Master Degree, Workmaster, HEAD, Genève, 2011
  • DNSAP at L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris, 2007
  • Prix Paris Jeunes Talents, Ville de Paris, 2012
  • Prix Paris Jeunes Aventure, Ville de Paris, 2012
  • Bourse du Fond Cantonal d’Art Contemporain for graduate of Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design (HEAD), 2012
  • Financial Help for video production Fond Cantonal d’Art Contemporain, city of Genève, 2012
  • „In Absent Spaces We Dwell“, Piano Nobile, Genève, 2012
  • „Nouvelle Vague“, Studio Sandra Recio, Genève, 2012
  • „Fight the Power“, Corner College, Zurich, 2011
  • „Vue sur la mer“, Éditions Hard Copy, Coulouvrenière, Genève, 2011
  • „Flaubert’s castle“, HISK open studios, Ghent, 2011
  • „Laïc Perspectives“, Studio Sandra Recio, Genève, (Solo Show), 2010
  • Summer Lab Hyperactivity, Marks Blond & CAN, Neuchâtel, 2010
  • BB4, Bucharest Biennale, Walk/talk feat Ceel Mogami de Haas, Bucharest, Cur: Felix Vogel, 2010
  • Avant Première, Élysée Museum, Lausanne, 2010

Work 08 (February - April 2013): Liao Wenfeng

Liao Wenfeng, Anti Mona Lisa, 2013

Liao Wenfeng took this photo in his hometown, a small village in the south of China. He invited the old women of his village to participate in this photograph. For a first photo, entitled Mona Lisa he had them imitate the pose of the Mona Lisa. For the second photo, called “Anti Mona Lisa” he asked the women to show their muscles. The artwork on display is the Anti Mona Lisa photo, in which you can see how time and hard work have shaped the bodies of these women.

In 2006 Wenfeng graduated from Total Art Studio at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. He lived in Shanghai from 2007 to 2012. Aside from pursuing his own artistic goals he was part of the curatorial team of Shanghai Zendai MoMA and participated in the Artists in Labs residency program in Zurich. He moved to Berlin in July 2012, where he currently resides.



Liao Wenfeng
* 1984, Jiangixi, China


2002 – 2006 Total Art Studio of China, Academy of Art in Hangzhou

Solo Exhibition
  • Minute Gesture, OV Gallery, Shanghai, 2012
  • 1467+, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, Zurich, Switzerland, 2010
Group Exhibition
  • Time of the Dragon, Rauma Art Museum, Finland, 2012
  • Insects in contemporary art, Villa Rot Museum, Germany, 2012
  • Think Art – Act Science, The San Francisco Art Institute, USA, 2011
  • From Interaction to Micro-Sociology: The Dual Thread of Media Intervention into Art in The Netherlands and China, Art ISSUE PROJECTS, Beijing, 2011
  • Think Art – Act Science, Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, 2010
  • SHANGSHUI-BOTH WAYS when art meets science, Stadtgalerie im PROGR, Bern, 2010
  • SHANGSHUI-BOTH WAYS when art meets science, Around Space, Shanghai, 2010
  • Intrude: Art & Life 366, Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, 2008
  • The Third Lianzhou International Photo Festival Lianzhou, Guangdong, 2007
  • Chinese Contemporary Art in Chinese Space – Yellow Box, Qingpu. Xiaoximen, Shanghai, 2006
  • New Folk Movement – Reconstruction of The Public Life – Contemporary Art Exhibition of The Second Art Festival of Song Zhuang U Space, Beijing, 2006
  • Archaeology of the Future – The Second Triennial of Chinese Art Nanjing Museum, Nanjing, 2005
  • Helsinki International Artist-inresidence Programme, 2011
  • Artists in Labs, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), 2010

Work 07 (December - January 2013): Jessica Pooch

Jessica Pooch, without Title (Schweizer Strafgesetzbuch), 2012


Jessica Pooch
* 1982, Berlin, Germany


Sep. 2009 – Juli 2012 Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich
Master of Arts in Fine Arts

Apr. 2011 – Apr. 2012 Universität der Künste, Berlin
Klasse Karsten Konrad

Sep. 2008 – Dec. 2008 School of Visual Arts, New York
International Exchange Student Scholarship

Oct. 2006 – June 2009 Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich
Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Vertiefung Fotografie

Jan. 2006 – March 2006 International Center of Photography
Continuing Education, New York

Solo Exhibition
  • „Von Innen und Aussen" Weekly Berlin, 2012
  • „my special guests", No Time To Rest, Kunstverein ywao, Zug, 2010
Group Exhibition
  • „Parcours" Plattform für junge Kunst, Kunstraum der Scheidtschen Hallen, Essen, 2012
  • „MFA Degree Show" Migros Herdern, Zürich, 2012
  • „Größer als Zürich – Kunst in ussersihl" Helmhaus, Zürich, 2012
  • „Nullpunkt" EWZ, Zürich, 2011
  • „Outdoor" Klasse Karsten Konrad, Dada Post, Berlin, 2011
  • „Rundgang" UdK, Berlin, 2011
  • „11123 – Studio B" between-between, London, 2011
  • „wow wow wow" Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, 2011

Work 06 (November - Dezember) 2012: Stefan Baltensperger

Stefan Baltensperger, Ein Singen im Kopf (The singing in my head)

Can a work of art create an alternative access path by dipping into something selectively, scratching at its surface, announcing it to be visible, although it seems to disappear on closer inspection?

In the work entitled "Ein Singen im Kopf" (The singing in my head), Stefan Baltensperger has chosen to show the fruits of his research and thoughts in an oversized cartography, rather than an aesthetic representation. A neuronal network of thoughts consisting in the sum of individual pieces, that at the same time only grants access in fragments.

Baltensperger's work does not revolve around around the material product. The artist creates moments of knowledge on the spot in a supersized mind map, allowing the beholder to grasp and understand his train of thought in dialogue with the piece.



Stefan Baltensperger
Born 1976 in Zurich, Switzerland

2011- 2013 Master Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), Zurich, Switzerland
2011  Artist in Residence, Yangon, Myanmar
2007 – 2009 Assistant to HP. Gutjahr, sound studio, University of Applied Sciences and Art Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), Aarau, Switzerland
2006 – 2009 Bachelor of Fine Arts/New Media Art, FHNW, Aarau/Basel, Switzerland

Solo exhibitions
  • Kunstraum/Tiefparterre Kreuzlingen, 2013
  • Same same but different, Kunstraum Aarau, Aarau, 2011
  • Camp West, Kunstetage, Zurich, 2011
  • Memorial to a Landscape, New Zero Artspace, Yangon, Myanmar, 2011
  • Kunst Kultur und andere Würste (Art, culture and other stuff), Kaskadenkondensator, Basel, 2010
  • baltensperger, lRBlS Eis Galerie, Samedan, 2010
  • F-12, Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich, 2009

Participation in group exhibitions and art projects in the public arena including:  Kogart Foundation Budapest; Substitut in Berlin, Germany; E-Werke Freiburg, Germany; Kunsthalle Mulhouse, France; Gallery Cemara 6, Jakarta, Indonesia; Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai, China.

Work 05 (September - November) 2012: Susana Perrottet

Susana Perrottet, (Un)scanny 2012

This environment of constant transit and transport leads me to the following:

My desire to be instantly and consciously transported from one reality to another remains unfulfilled for now.

In my fantasy, my scanner is a primitive version of a future mode of transport that will one day be capable of transporting me to a different place. In my fantasy, my scanner is a primitive version of a future mode of transport that will one day be capable of transporting me to a different place. A new place. Definitely somewhere far away from cyberspace.
In an attempt to transport a little of my soul rather than just my image, I place my face and hands on the glass and look straight into the light.




1975 * in Lima - Perú
lives and works in Zurich and Lima


08-10 – MASTER OF ARTS - FINE ARTS, with honours, ZHdK, Zurich
05-06 – CORRIENTE ALTERNA, Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes, Lima


2011 – VISION COMPARTIDA, Kunstraum Baden, Curator: Claudia Spinelli
2008 – ZWINGLISTRASSE 40, Zurich
2004 – RAMPE 66, Zurich


2012 – HIER UND DORT, Schwarzwaldallee Basel
2012 – SWISS ART AWARDS, Messe Basel
2012 – EXPANDED ANIMATION, Künstlerhaus S11, Solothurn
2011 – KOLLATERAL - COLLATERAL, Das Esszimmer - Raum für Kunst, Bonn
2011 – REALITY CHECK, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel
2011 – MUTATIS MUTANDIS, Sid Lee Collective, Montreal
2010 – MUTATIS MUTANDIS, Galería El Ojo Ajeno, Centro De La Imagen, Lima
2010 – VIDEOGRAPHICS FROM PERU, curated by Macu Morán, Fundación Alianza Hispánica, Madrid
2010 – MFA DEGREE SHOW, Shedalle, Zurich


2012 – VIP ART FAIR – VIP MAF, Online Art-Fair, New York
2011 – METROPOLIS, TV-Program about contemporary art, TVE Televisión Española


2012 – PRIX CARAN D'ACHE 2012
2010 – AUDIENCE AWARD, CON CAN Moviefestival, Tokyo

Work 04 (August - September 2012): Stefanie Brottrager

Colloquial expression meaning "without exception", similar to "across the board" in English. The German expression literally means "across the bench", and originally came about because everyone who sat in the same pew at church or the same row of seats in school was socially equal and no-one had any privileges over anyone else.


Stefanie Brottrager, born 1984, Graz

Bachelor of Arts in Information Design (2009)
(final thesis on Language and Image: Two Forms of Expression Compared)
Currently studying at the ZHDK: Master of Arts in Fine Arts

Minna Kautsky Award for Literature (verse)
Work experience placement at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Article in the publication "Blatt Spezial" (
Work experience placement at Thomas Kilpper (

"Spielzimmer", Zurich (

Exhibition with Lena Conrad, Casa del Arte, Zurich
Performance of "Mundartverbot", Shedhalle, Zurich
Group exhibition: "Dieci immagini", Cervia, Italy
Solo exhibition: "Zeitimbild", Kultur Service Gesellschaft, Graz

Degree show, Master of Fine Arts, Zurich
10days10artists, k.u.l.m., Pischelsdorf, Steiermark

Work 03 (May - June 2012): Anja Majer

Born 1974 in Hanau, Germany

Lives and works in Berlin

2009 – 2011 Studied and completed Master of Arts in Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts

2000 – 2004 Studied and graduated from the Pforzheim School of Design

1995 – 1997 Studied literature and languages at the University of Tübingen

Solo exhibitions


2010 Alternating current at the exits, Galerie Kurt im Hirsch, Berlin

2004 Visiting mania, Kunstraum Luv, Karlsruhe

2003 Frau Majer gives a reading, building site, temporary project space, Pforzheim

Group exhibitions (selection)


2012 Difference a bend # 2, with Rebecca Michaelis and Arne Schreiber, Stedefreund, Berlin

2011 Master Degree Show, Shedhalle, Zurich

2010 Quick & dirty – a group show of contemporary art, Markthalle IX, Berlin Basement   Project 1, Museum Bärengasse, Zurich

2008 Localize! Heimatfestival, Potsdam Souvenirs for Germany, Le Kiosk, Karlsruhe

2007 Anonymous draughtsman no. 6, meinblau, Berlin Anonymous draughtsman no. 5, blütenweiss – Raum für Kunst, Berlin

2006 Perspectives, Atelier für Skulptur, Kirchheim

2005 Labyrinth, 21st Eisenturm Art Prize, Mainz

2004 Intercom device, installation as part of the 3rd Stuttgart Night of Culture Luvlese N° 1, Kunstraum Luv, Karlsruhe

2002 Ornament and Crime, symposium and exhibition at the Geneva University of Art and Design



2010  Project sponsored by Pankow district council in collaboration with Galerie Kurt im Hirsch, Berlin

2005 Sponsorship prize of the District Office of Enzkreis

2002 Sponsorship prize of the Chamber of Commerce, Nordschwarzwald


For the work "1/10", the text of a fortune cookie was written on the wall of the subway. A text that is normally hidden in a cookie and reaches its recipient by chance has been placed in a public space as a universal promise to all who pass by.

Shifting the frame of reference from private to public space raises the question of the promise being fulfilled and the possible meanings of the words used.

Work 02 (April - May 2012): Patrick Cipriani

*1973 Poschiavo, Grisons (Switzerland)


Since 2010:
- Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) currently studying for his Masters of Fine Arts

- ZHdK, Bachelor in-depth studies photography



- "Plat(t)form“ Fotomuseum Winterthur, Portfolio


- "Maximalismus“ Gallery Artespace, Guest U5 Kollektiv

- "ohne Titel“ Gallery Pgi , solo exhibition

- "Zhdk Diplomausstellung“ Gallery vfo, group exhibition

- "Arbeitstitel“ Gallery vfo, group exhibition


- "Stabil Instabil“ Gallery vfo, group exhibition

- "hype" Gallery Starkart, group exhibition


- "Book presentation" Gallery vfo, group exhibition

- "Pictures of the stranger" Gallery vfo, group exhibition

"The basis of my work may certainly be understood from a documentary perspective, but in fact I am interested much more in the search for motifs that capture the urban experience in a stereotypical manner. The photographs show a caricature of what is real and/or a representation of an urban landscape.
By manipulating and defamiliarising reality, real conditions are suggested.
An object is reduced in order to demonstrate its function. The result reveals intermediate or cross-over realities.
Joining fictive with realistic elements enables recollection that does not rely on concrete antetypes.
This hybrid of reality and representation creates room for a personal, pictorial interpretation of the central and peripheral cityscape."
Patrick Cipriani

Work 01 (March - April 2012): Francisca Silva

Born 1984 in Mendrisio, Ticino.
Class of 2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts ZHdK,
Currently studying for her Master of Fine Arts at ZHdK

Francisca Silva works mainly with site-specific installations and drawings:
- She has designed several display windows in Districts 4 and 5 in Zurich.
- She also conceives and designs events such as the Low Budget
  Science Fiction Marathon and a series of experimental media parties.
- She runs her own low-budget publishing room.
- Snapshot photography
- She is a semi-professional tattoo artist, mainly in Berlin and Zurich

Major exhibitions:
- Helmhaus Zürich
- Lessing Artespace
- Commissioned for the Züritipp Online display window (shown at the Galerie Zürich)
- Performances in Geneva, Hamburg and Zurich

Francisca Silva
"Süsser Sonntag, du erinnerst mich an Montag"

“We are always waiting for Sunday, but as soon as it comes around it's already Monday again. I find Hardbrücke station a very lively place, with hundreds of people passing through the subway every day to get to work or to school. Just as regularly, they come back through it again on the way home. At the weekend you see a completely different set of people, tourists off to go partying, and shoppers – there is always someone going through the station. Sunday is a day of calm, and then the vicious circle comes round again. Sunday is the only moment of peace before District 5 gets going again. While Hardbrücke is taking a breather on Sunday, the people at home are already dreading Monday. Sweet Sunday, you remind me of Monday.”

Francisca Silva

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