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Deutsche Bank launches art project with Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

Prime Tower — Hardbrücke train station — Advertising space for 17ZWEI

When moving into Prime Tower, Deutsche Bank (Switzerland) Ltd rented an advertising space at Hardbrücke station which is two minutes walk from Prime Tower. The advertising space located in a tunnel is used by all the passengers heading towards Prime Tower and the surrounding area. As well as improving Hardbrücke train station, which is due to be completely renovated in a few years, we want to use the site to support the young master of fine arts students at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and demonstrate our commitment as a Corporate Citizen.

Art project 17ZWEI

Zurich University of the Arts is also located in Zurich-West, so it has a special relationship with Hardbrücke. The name of the project comes from the dimensions of the site, which is roughly 17 x 2 metres or 17ZWEI. A competition on the subject of Hardbrücke will be held for those students currently doing their master of fine arts degrees to gather sketches for the advertising space, and the entries considered by an independent jury. The selected art works will be presented on the site, reproduced on tarpaulin. At intervals of six weeks over 2012, students on the master of fine arts course at the Zurich University of the Arts will have their works displayed in succession.

Deutsche Bank has been promoting young artists for over 30 years. With 17ZWEI we are helping to shape the area around the new Prime Tower. We feel a particular commitment to our new neighbourhood and are keen to express this with “17ZWEI."

Francisca Silva

Born 1984 in Mendrisio, Ticino.
Class of 2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts ZHdK,
Currently studying for her Master of Fine Arts at ZHdK

Francisca Silva works mainly with site-specific installations and drawings:
- She has designed several display windows in Districts 4 and 5 in Zurich.
- She also conceives and designs events such as the Low Budget
  Science Fiction Marathon and a series of experimental media parties.
- She runs her own low-budget publishing room.
- Snapshot photography
- She is a semi-professional tattoo artist, mainly in Berlin and Zurich

Major exhibitions:
- Helmhaus Zürich
- Lessing Artespace
- Commissioned for the Züritipp Online display window (shown at the Galerie Zürich)
- Performances in Geneva, Hamburg and Zurich

Francisca Silva
"Süsser Sonntag, du erinnerst mich an Montag"

“We are always waiting for Sunday, but as soon as it comes around it's already Monday again. I find Hardbrücke station a very lively place, with hundreds of people passing through the subway every day to get to work or to school. Just as regularly, they come back through it again on the way home. At the weekend you see a completely different set of people, tourists off to go partying, and shoppers – there is always someone going through the station. Sunday is a day of calm, and then the vicious circle comes round again. Sunday is the only moment of peace before District 5 gets going again. While Hardbrücke is taking a breather on Sunday, the people at home are already dreading Monday. Sweet Sunday, you remind me of Monday.”

Francisca Silva

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Last Update: March 2, 2012
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