The London Collection

2011 │ London

For 30 years, Deutsche Bank has been encouraging and supporting new artistic talent and original ideas. The concept of the collection, which started in the late 1970’s, concentrates on works on paper and photography by international contemporary artists.

Deutsche Bank opened its London office in 1973, and its London art collection began the same year when the executive board sent a painting by David Bomberg.  Thirty years later, the offices all around the UK display works from the collection and a walk through our buildings offers a fascinating introduction to contemporary art.

In London there are 100 conference rooms named after artists from around the globe. In each room a wall plaque provides a short biography of the artist alongside their work. Floors and corridors have been given themes that not only captivate the viewer but also increase the viewers understanding of contemporary art.

In the reception area of our London headquarters on London Wall you will find large paintings by Damien Hirst and James Rosenquist and major sculptures by Anish Kapoor and Tony Cragg but the vast majority of the art in the London collection is on a modest scale.

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Last Update: 8. February 2011
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