Corporate Volunteering

2010 │ UK

We provide many opportunities for our staff to get directly involved in the bank's CSR activities and we support them all the way.

It's a three-way win situation for the benefiting charities and community organisations, our employees, and the bank as a whole.  By taking up the many volunteering opportunities on offer, our staff can bring the bank's values to life, develop their personal skills and see the positive impact that can be made on society.  The advantages are vast and range from improving particular personal skills to achieving a happy and fulfilled workforce.  In 2009, 34,240 days of volunteer work was given and the number of employees committed to our volunteering projects worldwide increased from 129 to 14%.

In London employees are entitled to two days to volunteer on one of our programmes and all of our interns and graduates take part in community challenges.  We try to get everyone who sets foot in the bank involved in something! 

Last year in the UK, over 1,600 employees volunteered on everything from sitting on the boards of community organisations, mentoring a graduate, delivering workshops in schools or by playing football with young local teams. 

We have a dedicated team to help find the right opportunity for employees whether they want to help plant a garden in an east London school, serve breakfast to the homeless, teach a school group of budding designers about budgeting and marketing or sit on the board as a trustee.

Volunteering abroad

As well as our UK volunteering programmes there is a global volunteering programme called the Corporate Community Partnership which offers our employees the opportunity to take paid leave in order to pursue their personal and professional development during a project assignment abroad in countries such as Uganda, India and Ethiopia.

While on leave, our volunteers provide state-of-the-art assistance to distinguished social entrepreneurs or financial institutions in developing and emerging market countries through targeted and results-driven missions focusing on issues of public concern.

Volunteering Awards

Deutsche Bank values the time employees spend volunteering with our community partners and their preferred causes and charities.  Through Initiative Plus for bank volunteering projects and the Community Awards scheme for personal causes – the bank acknowledges the time and effort of our employees by financially rewarding the projects they support in and outside of work time.  In 2010 118 awards were made totalling £156,850.

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