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February 12, 2015

2015 Design Ventura winners announced

Teenagers from Burnage Academy in Manchester celebrated their success as winners of Design Ventura 2015,Born to Be’s flagship design and enterprise project, at an exhibition and VIP reception last night at the Design Museum in London.

The winning product, Kard’Lapse, laser cut acrylic ‘connectors’ offers endless hours of fun by enabling playing cards to be built into sculptures. The Burnage Academy team, Mushahid Ali, Muaz Wasti, Adil Ahmed, Saaqib Shehzaad, Ahmad Nurruedin, and Healal Uddin, will oversee all aspects of the production of their winning concept including packaging, pricing and promotion for it to be launched in July and go on sale in the Design Museum shop alongside the latest design conscious products. Profits from sales will go to Burnage Academy’s chosen charity.

Steve Bentley, Head of Design Technology, at Burnage Academy commented, ‘The Design Ventura project has been a great learning experience for our students, the opportunity to apply 'real world' design and enterprise practice and venture outside of the classroom has been invaluable. It is the first year we have entered the competition and obviously we are incredibly proud.’

In line with Government’s recent push towards enterprise and fostering entrepreneurial spirit, Design Ventura helps to develop young people’s confidence and employability skills by providing them with a real-life brief, preparing them for life outside the classroom.  The project also supports innovative design education and nurtures future generations of creative professionals, one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors. 

The Bank has partnered with the Design Museum since 2006 to bring enterprise to life for young people, and launched Design Ventura in 2008. Since then, 25,000 young people from around the UK have been engaged through our Born to Be project.

Lareena Hilton, Global Head of Brand Communications & Corporate Citizenship at Deutsche Bank, explained, ‘The creative industries account for GBP 76.9 billion per year to the UK economy. Young people need transferable skills which serve this fast growing sector and equip them for life. Design Ventura encourages success by combining innovation, entrepreneurial thinking and team collaboration; a model which breeds success in life and business.’ 

Other 2015 winning teams are:

  • Bishop Douglass School in Finchley won second place for their Spec Hoops:  a button hoop for carrying spectacles on your shirtfront.
  • St Laurence School in Bradford on Avon won third place for their Socket Pocket, a pocket to hold mobile phones while they are being charged at a power socket.
  • Ryedale School in Nawton, North Yorkshire, was commended for good design for Signal, a system for identifying device chargers and cables.
  • Yateley School in Hampshire was commended for sustainability for Blackboard City, an interactive magnetic game on a blackboard.
  • Bullers wood School in Chislehurst, Kent, was commended for good communication for Enviro Card, a modern take on the traditional postcard using seed paper with wildflower seeds. 

To read more about the pitching day for Design Ventura 2015 click here.

Steve Bentley, Head of Design Technology, at Burnage Academy, the Burnage Academy team, Mushahid Ali, Muaz Wasti, Adil Ahmed, Saaqib Shehzaad, Ahmad Nurruedin, and Healal Uddin and
Naomi Cleaver, interior designer and broadcaster


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