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March 19, 2014

Street Child World Cup tournament matches announced

Teams of street children around the world have been waiting patiently to find out who they would be playing at the 2014 Street Child World Cup world cup and today the official draw took place in Brazil today. 

With just ten days until the official kick off, today’s announcement is just a step towards the 10 day tournament which will unite street children from across five continents using the power of a football tournament to challenge negative perceptions and treatment of street children. 

Team England's official first match is on Sunday, 30 March with Mozambique. 

A list of the full tournament can be accessed here

We wish them the very best of luck with their final week of training and look forward to tracking their progress during the tournament.  You can follow the team via our borntobe twitter and Facebook pages where we shall be posting images and live updates of the event. 


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