Deutsche Bike

The focal point of our fundraising activity this year is our new charity bike ride, Deutsche Bike.

How it works

From 20-22 June, 160 employees, joined by a handful of friends and family challenged themselves to cycle either 300 or 100 miles of the Tour de France* route.   A magnificent display of grit, determination and cameraderie, the event was a great success, uniting employees from across the UK and as far afield as New York and Sydney. 

So far, the Team DeutscheBike have raised over £220,000 towards the fundraising target of £300,000 for our two Charities of the Year, Malaria No More UK and Rainbow Trust Childrens’ Charity. They continue to collect sponsorship. 

Part of our Born to Be programme, DeutscheBike challenged employees to explore their potential so that young people can realise theirs.

*The Tour de France is a registered trade mark owned by Societe Du Tour De France.

Fundraising target

Fundraising target providing valuable funds or Charities of the Year, Malaria No More UK and Rainbow Trust Child­rens Charity

From Cambridge to London

Distance covered by one day riders from Cambridge to London

From Yorkshire to London

Distance covered by three day riders from Yorkshire to London

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Last Update: August 4, 2014
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