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May 14, 2014

Ideas for the future at the Design Ventura Conversation Event

Recently designers, educators, entrepreneurs and project partners came together to share ideas and reflect on Design Ventura, the Design Museum's award winning project for young people aged 13-16.  Design Ventura brings the business of design to life through a partnership with Deutsche Bank and is a flagship project within their youth engagement programme, Born to Be.

The event, held at the Design Museum, included presentations from leaders in business, design and education as well as facilitated conversations. Contributors included environmental entrepreneur, Guy Jeremiah, universities leading thought in design and business education, the Design Council, award winning designers, campaigning organisation Creative and Cultural Skills and creative educators.

Guests considered ways that Design Ventura can continue to support innovation within design and enterprise education. 

Key thoughts and ideas emerged, including:

  • Design Ventura provides an opportunity to encourage students to take more risks in their design and business ideas.
  • The museum is a platform for representing design more broadly, to show the creative sector's wider economic importance.
  • Industry experts can be used more to show young people how professionals would tackle different aspects of the Design Ventura project.

Ideas emerging from the event will support the strategic development of Design Ventura’s moving forward.  It will also influence the development of the museum’s wider Learning Programme.  For both the Design Museum and Born to Be, the Design Ventura project is more than a competition for young people.  It is also a vehicle for innovative design education and a platform for nurturing future generations of creative professionals.


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