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October 29, 2014

Women in STEM: winning work experience candidates begin placements at Deutsche Bank

This week, Deutsche Bank’s Information Technology Infrastructure (ITI) began its first science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) work placement programme, which focuses on supporting women into STEM careers and providing access into the Bank. Six placements for female applicants were advertised through the social enterprise ‘IAM Possible’. For the launch, Deutsche Bank joined forces with Student to STEMette, a project within the Bank’s Born to Be youth engagement portfolio, which aims to enable young people to reach their full potential.

We use technology everyday in almost everything we do. It’s in our houses, our schools, our shops and outdoors. We use it in the shower, when travelling, when working and when listening to music on the go. So why, when technology is becoming increasingly important, is there little desire for young professionals, especially girls, to work in IT?

This is a question that ITI has been asking and what led them to come up with the idea to provide young students exposure to their workplace, an environment where STEM can be seen in action.

Kim Hammonds, Co-Head of the Bank’s Global Technology Division (GTO), said: "The Bank is committed to opening up pathways into the financial services industry for talented young people who may not otherwise consider careers in the sector. This initiative, in addition to the Student to STEMette programme launched earlier this year, will help us achieve that objective. There is a skills gap in STEM disciplines in the UK and it is important, both for the Bank and the wider economy, that we do what we can to address it.”

To secure a place on the programme, candidates were asked to submit a short 90 second video of why they wanted the opportunity of exploring a STEM career with Deutsche Bank. 
ITI will be following their placements closely to measure the impact and learn if this experience has been successful in generating an interest in a STEM career. 

Clint Price, Head of ITI End User Computing, said: “Many students have little idea what a career in a STEM discipline might entail, especially for students whose families are not employed in STEM fields. Through these programmes, ITI aim to unlock that mystery by inviting young students to spend a week alongside us to observe what we do on our STEM Work Placement programme.”
Luis Gutierrez, Head of ITI Core Infrastructure, added: “The idea is that once young students are exposed to working in IT and are able to get a concrete understanding of the day-to-day activities of STEM professionals, they can become motivated to pursue a STEM career themselves.”

Please click here to watch the six, successful video entries.


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