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March 20, 2015

Deutsche Bank volunteers assist sporteducate club to improve their funding pitches

Calthorpe Project in Kings Cross is one of the 33 clubs participating in sporteducate.The young people were recently successful in two pitches for funding through 'My Club' and 'My Community' as part of the Athan 31 funding programme run by London Youth. But with little experience in planning a pitch or presenting to a judging panel the challenge seemed daunting.

Through Calthorpe’s partnership with sporteducate two Deutsche Bank employees Lynne Gray and Katie O’Neill volunteered to work with the twelve young people to help them learn about how to structure a pitch and the best ways to communicate to a judging panel.

The group pitched for funding to support the cost of team tracksuits with ‘My Club’ and for the 'My Community' award the team proposed to run a ‘zero cost’ tournament for local young people using the skills they’d gained during a recent FA Beginner’s Guide to Futsal’ coaching course, also part of the club’s sporteducate programme.

In the pitch the group said: "The tournament will encourage more young people to come to the Calthorpe Project and get involved in positive activities, mix with different ages and demonstrate their skills. We will be able to get experience as coaches and as role models for the younger players. The tournament will encourage people to make new friends and help to promote the Calthorpe Project."

A week before the Dragon's Den panel meeting took place Gray and O’Neill on the sporteducate programme helped the young people to prepare. They helped the group to tackle the content of the pitch - details of what they wanted to spend the money on and the costings - thinking about how it would help them as a team and the wider community. The process helped the young people consider key skills in verbal communication along with the best way to structure their presentation.

Gray, who supported the young people said: “I’d been involved with the boys through a few workshops on topics such as communication skills so I was really interested to see how they’d get on in a real situation.  The pitch they put together was fabulous and I was delighted that they got the award!”


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