January 18, 2010

Deutsche Bank Raises $4 Million for Haiti Relief Efforts

Today’s Agency US Equity Trading Commissions Will Support Aid Efforts;
Clients Show Overwhelming Support.

Deutsche Bank announced its Global Markets Equity group has raised $4 million for Haiti disaster relief through its commitment to donate 100 percent of today’s net US agency equity trading commissions to the cause. The initiative was announced this morning and attracted strong support from the Bank’s clients. The funds raised will directly support immediate relief activities and long-term rebuilding efforts for the people of Haiti.

“We are extremely gratified to partner with our clients to address the urgent needs of the Haitian people,” said Robert Karofsky, Deutsche Bank’s Co-Head of Global Markets Equity. “With the tremendous support of our clients, we were able to generate $4 million in commissions which will be donated to aid agencies assisting in the immediate and longer-term recovery efforts in Haiti.”

In addition to the funds raised through the trading commissions, Deutsche Bank also is offering unlimited, expedited matching gifts to US employees through the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation’s Matching Gifts Program.

Deutsche Bank is partnering with AmeriCares, Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam America and Partners in Health to channel its emergency funds. In addition to supporting immediate disaster relief, a portion of the resources will be deployed over the coming year by the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation to help Haiti with longer-term rebuilding strategies. Working with organizations like Fondation Connaissance et Liberte (FOKAL), Habitat for Humanity and Fonkoze, philanthropic dollars will be provided to rebuild housing, restore communities, re-start businesses, create jobs and piece together health care and sanitary services. Through this multifaceted approach, Deutsche Bank hopes to help provide Haiti with the best chance to succeed post-crisis as a country that is stable and sustainable for the long term.

For further information, please call:

Ted Meyer +1 212-250-7253
Michele Allison +1 212-250-4864
Media Relations, Deutsche Bank


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