A little extra support for those in need this winter

December 2012 │ UK

The colder months are especially hard for vulnerable people across the UK. Many people struggle with the basics: staying warm, dry and safe through winter. Through Deutsche Bank’s support, thousands of people will be getting an extra helping hand to survive the winter months.

Surviving Winter

More than 25,000 people in the UK die from causes related to the cold each winter. The Surviving Winter appeal, now in its second year, provides small grants (typically around £500) to older people to help them stay warm and dry as the weather gets colder. Because of Deutsche Bank’s support of London campaign costs, every penny donated by the public and other funders in London will go directly to the people who need it most.

Sonal Shah, CEO of the London Community Foundation, said: “Winter is a dangerous time for London’s older people and fuel poverty causes serious health problems including heart attacks and strokes. We have a growing population of older people living in shocking conditions, alone and seemingly forgotten by the outside world.

Last year we helped 736 people in London through our Surviving Winter campaign and this year, with Deutsche Bank’s support, we hope to help even more.”

To donate to the appeal, click here.

StreetSmart & SleepSmart

Colin Grassie, CEO of Deutsche Bank UK, said: “Winter is the toughest time of year for those living without a permanent roof over their heads. There's no easier way for you to help the homeless during these chilly months than by choosing to eat or sleep at one of the many restaurants and hotels across the UK that take part in StreetSmart and SleepSmart".

In November and December more than 500 restaurants and 30 hotels across the UK will be adding an optional £1 to bills as they participate in this year’s StreetSmart and SleepSmart campaigns. By funding all of the campaign costs, Deutsche Bank ensures that every penny goes straight to homeless charities working in the community in which you donate.

Last year’s campaigns raised over £760,000, which supported more than 100 local charities. Some of the money helps to provide basics, such as a shower or a bed for the night, while donations also go to charities supporting people to progress towards safe, independent living.

Help support the most vulnerable people in our community by choosing a restaurant or hotel supporting StreetSmart or SleepSmart this winter. To see the full list of participating restaurants click here and for hotels click here.

Deutsche Bank is committed to social investment to help people help themselves, whether individually or in local communities. The Bank uses its global networks and expertise as a financial services provider to give people a chance to overcome unemployment and poverty. To find out more click here.

 Brighten up the festive season for those

 less fortunate this winter.

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