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December 2, 2014

Deutsche Bank is inspiring 937 young people at Haggerston School

“There are shocking education inequalities between children from disadvantaged backgrounds compared to children from relatively well off families. Poorer children are less likely to do well in exams and less likely to get into the best universities.” City Year

Since 2012, City Year and Deutsche Bank’s Born to Be youth engagement programme have worked in partnership to raise aspirations, and boost the confidence and academic performance of thousands of children from some of the most deprived areas of London.


This academic year, Deutsche Bank’s support is focused on Haggerston School in London, inspiring 937 11-18 year olds to improve their attendance, behaviour and attainment.


City Year recruits 18–25 year olds as volunteer tutors (known as ‘Corps Members’) who act as mentors and role models, and provide “near peer” emotional, academic and pastoral support to the students with whom they work. Eight Deutsche Bank Corps Members began their year of voluntary service in September 2014and will serve full time Monday-Thursday in the school until July 2015. The team is running breakfast clubs and after-school activities each week, and supervising playtimes. Throughout the school day, they support teachers in 19 subjects, whilst working one to one with students who need extra attention and support. In their first half term alone, the team served 2140 hours.


In September 2013, City Year launched in a second UK city; Birmingham. This marked its national expansion which will see the organisation grow to support 50,000 children across five cities by 2020. Corps Members in Birmingham work to widen pupils’ horizons by enhancing extracurricular activities in school.


Involvement with City Year also provides valuable leadership training, mentoring and work experience to Corps Members. From January, for a 12 month period, Deutsche Bank employees will be mentoring Corps Members through leadership development days, workshops and skills surgeries. There are currently 25 volunteers signed up in both London and Birmingham.


The response to the City Year programme from parents has been overwhelmingly positive, with 98% pleased that City Year was in their child’s school. Around 90% of pupils reported that members “help with my learning” and “have more fun” and 88% relayed they’d been helped to “behave better.” 98% of Corps Members believed they had also improved student confidence in their abilities.”


On average children supported directly by the City Year programme achieve 4.4 Average Points Score (APS) progress in English and 5.2 APS progress in Maths in one year. The assumed rate of progress for a ‘normal’ pupil is 3 APS per year in Key stage 2.


Deutsche Bank Corps Members team at Haggerston School


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