Deutsche Bank prevents homelessness

June 2012 │ London

Deutsche Bank's funding is preventing homelessness by helping ex-offenders to make long term plans for the future.

Deutsche Bank’s funding has allowed the UK charity Prisoners Abroad to offer tailored support to British citizens returning from prison sentences overseas, many of whom have little or no family to rely on, whether through emigration or alienation.

Ex-offenders who have served time overseas are not entitled to many of the benefits and support available to UK-based ex-offenders, making this group high risk in terms of re-offending and immediate homelessness.

The scheme helps this very vulnerable group of people into safe accommodation and enables them to make longer term plans for their future. The funding also helps prisoners to maintain ties with their families while they are incarcerated, and helps keep ex-prisoners off the streets by helping them into accommodation, giving them the opportunity to rebuild their lives free of crime.

Deutsche Bank has a history of supporting projects that help the homeless, click here to learn more.

Prisoners Abroad

Prisoners Abroad currently supports over 1,000 prisoners in 87 countries across all five continents; along with hundreds more family members here in the UK. If you would like more information then click here.


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