Matched Giving

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The Matched Giving scheme matches employee’s personal charitable donations, pound for pound, up to £3,000 per employee per year.

We also offer additional matching for employees who are fundraising – up to an additional £1,000 per employee per year.
Last year the bank pledged £1.2m in matched giving donations. 

Payroll Giving
Many of our staff make regular donations to charity. Our payroll giving scheme makes it easier for them to donate on a regular basis. Employees can instruct payroll to donate a fixed amount of their gross monthly salary to a nominated charity. This donation is not only maximised by the tax advantage of withdrawing from gross salary, but also the bank automatically matches employee donations up to their £3,000 per year personal matching limit.

Employees can also use payroll giving to make one off donations to charities.

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Last Update: 9. March 2011
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