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October 1, 2014

Student to Stemette – Deutsche Bank mentees are Phoenix bound

This week five participants in Born to Be’s Student to Stemette programme received the exciting news that they have been selected to travel to Phoenix to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration.

Student to Stemette is a four month mentoring programme, in partnership with STEMettes and in association with the UK government’s Your Life campaign. In June 40 female A-level students, studying STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects, were matched with female Deutsche employees with STEM backgrounds. In addition to mentoring sessions, networking and seven online webinars, students were given the opportunity to apply to attend the conference in Phoenix which celebrates women in computing and is the world’s largest gathering of female technologists.

In order to be considered for the conference, the girls were asked to create a piece of reflective work (e.g. video, blog post, slide deck, mind map) based around their experiences during the mentoring. Five students were selected by a panel of judges and will be travelling to Phoenix on October 7th. The conference is known as a great environment to make connections and hear from incredible women in the industry. The conference gives the girls the opportunity to meet with fellow Stemettes and put what they’ve learnt from the webinars and mentoring into practice, in a real-life setting. We are delighted to announce the girls who have been selected:


-Eleanor Yong

-     - Kamile Matulenaite

-     - Javairya Khan

-     - Jasmin Evans

-     - Jastina Sandhu


Follow their experiences on our Born to Be twitter or Facebook channels.

Women make up just 13% of the UK’s STEM workforce and this number is in decline. By introducing female students studying STEM subjects to opportunities in banking, the programme targets issues around diversity and social mobility.



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