October 17, 2007

Students create living exhibitions at Frieze Art Fair

As the marquee comes down in Regent’s Park to mark the end of the 2007 Frieze Art Fair, Deutsche Bank can feel confident that its 4th consecutive year of sponsorship helped to create a unique experience for the Fair’s visitors.

There was a sense of ‘fair’ about Frieze, an atmosphere of carnival and theatre generated by the highly imaginative artworks, some of which were truly living and breathing. Take for example Gianna Motti’s meditating man of law: a middle-aged man dressed in police garb – bullet proof vest included – sitting in the lotus position, arms outstretched as if practicing yoga. ‘Untitled’, by American artist Richard Prince, featured a bright orange 1969 Dodge Charger elevated on a rotating podium. A woman, sporting a sign advising visitors to ‘Think Pure Thoughts’, was on hand to polish the vehicle with a bright purple cloth.

Thanks to the Deutsche Bank Education Space at Frieze, groups of teenaged students from two London schools created living exhibitions as well. They walked about the Fair holding placards nailed to metre- long sticks, bearing questions such as ‘Who paid for the tent?’ and ‘Where can I buy a cheap one?’.

The young people were taking part in a workshop in the Deutsche Bank Education Space, programmed by the Camden Arts Centre. The students, from both the Haverstock and Pimlico Schools, had actually started the project several weeks earlier under the guidance of two artists, and it included the production of a short film.

In addition to reaching out to teenagers from London’s inner-city schools, the Deutsche Bank Education Space at Frieze aims to make art more accessible to young adults and children. One evening event saw students from 4 different London arts colleges come to the Fair to pose questions to a panel of 7 arts professionals. They asked the assembly of artists, museum curators, gallery directors and educators about their motivations and drivers, and how they turned their arts degrees into jobs.


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