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February 26, 2015

The importance of Social Investment in the UK

Colin Grassie, UK CEO is featured in a film to be shown by the Prime Minister as part of global trade trip promoting Britain as a place to visit and do business. The film, part of the Business is Great Britain campaign promotes the importance of Social and impact investment. It features a number of entrepreneurs, including the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, talking about their experiences of running a social enterprise in the UK. It also has investors describing how social impact investing is an exciting opportunity to align financial return with building a responsible and sustainable society, demonstrating that it can have an impact both within the UK and across the world.

Currently there are 180,000 social enterprises in the UK, contributing at least GBP 55 bn to the economy (UK Gov December 2014). Colin Grassie said “With sufficient engagement from institutions like Deutsche Bank, impact investment has the ability to become an asset class of true significance, and from this, a new model of ‘sustainable capitalism’ can emerge. Impact investment should be fully integrated into the business model to make it not just a “nice to have” but an integral part of business. My vision is for every asset manager to have a social investment fund.”

Deutsche Bank in the UK increased its presence in this sector in 2011 when it launched the Deutsche Bank Impact Investment Fund 1 (DBIIF1) with GBP 10 million to be invested with funds returned over the next year. The Bank’s involvement in this sector aims to direct investment geared towards generating positive social impact and financial return, develop the social finance market place and utilise the skills of our people to build the capacity in the market place.

Investments by the fund to date have included Big Issue SEIF, Bridge Ventures III and most recently in January 2015 Impact Ventures UK that works to accelerate the growth of innovative businesses and expand their social benefit while providing the business rigour required in this evolving market. Watch the film here.

Watch a film introducing social enterprise here

Read more about our impact investment fund here


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