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January 2012 will see the installation of the first ArtStation in the London Wall reception area of Winchester House. 

The ArtStation enables all visitors to Winchester House to engage with the art in the building and find out more about the Deutsche Bank collection.  It embraces our commitment to creativity, fresh thinking and new ideas.
The interactive, touch screen consoles allow the user to navigate through many aspects of the collection.  One console connects directly to a large screen allowing people in the vicinity to benefit from the information and images.  

These are just some of the areas the Art Station covers:

The Featured Artists section has over 70 artist’s pages, each with a portrait of the artist, biographical information and images of the artworks we have in the collection.

The Themes section explains how artist’s work can be connected in many different ways. Whether the artists are looking at ways to try to explain the world, vent their frustration or simply find beauty in unusual places.

The Art in Reception section aims to inform viewers about some of largest and the most talked about pieces in the collection all situated in the reception area of Winchester House.

Supporting the Arts gives a background to the many ways we support projects in the wider community including education, awards and charities.

Art Works Global is a great introduction to the Deutsche Bank art concept and the art in the Deutsche bank Towers in Frankfurt, with its own interactive section this showcases our philosophy and the truly global outlook of the collection.

Explore... Discover... Touch... HAVE FUN!!!

TOURS - Want to learn even more about the collection? Join one of our regular tours.  Click here for more infomation.

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Last Update: February 1, 2012
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