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Asset Management

Global Research

Central to our investment philosophy is our view that there is one increasingly global market. That is why we have made understanding global opportunities and inter-relationships the foundation of our investment process.

We believe it is critical to have on-the-ground research analysts and investment professionals worldwide to develop truly unique insights about their region or area of expertise. We have built a global platform of over 700 investment professionals, including research analysts, investment managers and relationship managers in 15 countries worldwide.

It is critical for every one of our researchers to develop an in-depth understanding of their local markets, and it is equally critical that we deliver our collective research findings to every investment professional on a timely basis. Because of the importance of making global research easily accessible, we developed G-Cube, an innovative, proprietary research database that links research ideas and information with investment teams from around the world. This centralized data platform captures and shares the efforts of all our analysts, making all research, rating and portfolio changes and manager perspectives immediately available to every investment professional in our firm worldwide.

This global access to all information safeguards the transparency and speed in our investment process, and thus provides us with a competitive advantage.

Understanding Risk

Deutsche Asset Management's global investment platform offers both depth and breadth. Our team-based approach to investment management brings together expertise in geographic markets, industry sectors, asset classes and investment styles. This expertise is leveraged through a portfolio construction process that emphasizes exhaustive independent research and rigorous quantitative attribution and risk control. The result is a range of capabilities along the efficient frontier that can address a wide spectrum of client needs and objectives.

Dedicated portfolio managers construct investment portfolios based on a careful understanding of each client's unique objectives and risk constraints. Investment ideas generated by our worldwide sector teams are carefully screened for suitability with respect to client guidelines. Rigorous risk management is integral to our entire investment process.

Innovative Solutions

We have made a substantial commitment to research & development as one of our core competencies. As part of this commitment, we have established a global research group to systematically identify and refine ground-breaking capabilities in a variety of fields that impact portfolio performance.

This group focuses on cutting-edge developments in issues such as asset allocation, trading systems and portfolio construction. We often form alliances with leading academics and independent financial professionals in diverse disciplines such as finance, operations, research, statistics, econometrics and computer science. With this diverse set of resources, the group provides a framework for looking at clients' concerns in the aggregate - as an interconnected mix of business, investment and market challenges. We have found that adopting a new framework and asking new kinds of questions produces new kinds of solutions. Not just a new spin on old approaches, but truly innovative tools and strategies that are grounded in advanced proprietary research and scientific breakthrough.

Our Commitment

We are committed to leveraging our extensive global resources to help create value for our clients. To do so, we offer clients access to a broad spectrum of investment strategies that clients can use to potentially add value to their portfolios and diversify risk.

At Deutsche Asset Management, building a portfolio begins with a strategic partnership with our clients, based on an in-depth understanding of their aggregate portfolio concerns. Our relationship managers take the time to gain a thorough understanding of each factor that impacts a client's situation, including investment objectives, risk parameters, investment limitations, liquidity needs, tax exposures and regulatory concerns.

With relationship managers located around the world, we have the ability to offer local delivery of global investment capabilities that leverage the strength of our entire organization.

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Last Update: June 23, 2010
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