The Charities of the Year programme works to champion two charities, that are voted for by employees and share our Born to Be mission to help young people fulfil their potential. We work with small charities to provide them with step changing unrestricted funding that enables them to have a big impact. Employees raise funds with the elected charities through activities that include sports events, raffles, quizzes, appeals and challenges. Over £1.9 million was raised in 2015.

Charities for 2016-17

This year we are proud to be working with Autistica, who fund world-class research to into causes, diagnosis and treatment so every child with the autism has the chance to reach their full potential, and Hope and Homes for Children,  who work to ensure that all children have the chance to grow up in the love of a family rather than damaging institutional care, in Europe and Africa.

Two for two years

Starting January 2016, Charities of the Year will be a two year partnership, enabling us to make an even bigger impact on the chosen charities. Nominated charities must align with our Born to Be programme and have a core focus on young people.

Click here to see previous selection criteria and timelines. Selection process for 2018-19 will open May 2017.


Charities of the Year has raised over £14 million for 23 charities since 1999.

One Day

£780k was raised in one day in 2015 through employees donating one day’s salary

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How to apply

You need to nominated by a Deutsche Bank employee to enter the selection process for Charities of the Year. 

The 2018-19 selection process will commence in May/June 2017. 

Charities of the Year 2016-17

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