Deutsche Bank helps young people into Cambridge University

August 2012 │ UK

Since 2008 Deutsche Bank has been working with the charity IntoUniversity to help support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to attain a university place. Not only does the Bank provide financial support to two London centres in the boroughs of Bow and Brent, but since 2010 it has also taken an active role in the IntoUniversity Cambridge Mentoring Scheme.

In the academic year of 2010-2011, the funding from Deutsche meant that the two centres were able to support a total of 2,170 local young people through the IntoUniversity programme; of these 238 were from year 13, including six students who participated in the Cambridge Mentoring Scheme.

The figures speak for themselves: students on the programme who made direct progression into higher education rose 76% on the previous academic year, 52% above the national average and the highest across the IntoUniversity network. Within this, five of the six students on the mentoring scheme went on to study at the University of Cambridge for degrees in law and medicine. 

Deutsche Bank has a proven track record of investing in the UK through education and social investments to help enhance social mobility for thousands of young people. Earlier this year Deutsche signed the Government’s Social Mobility Business Compact to show its commitment to giving everyone a fair opportunity to fulfil their potential, regardless of their circumstances.

Case study: Charles and Deutsche Bank mentor James Gray

Charles was matched with his Deutsche Bank mentor, James Gray, Global Markets, to receive one-to-one support and guidance through the Cambridge University application process. 

Charles and James built a good relationship and met frequently at the Hackney South centre to talk about the different aspects of university and Charles’ plans for the future. James was able to offer Charles invaluable advice on university life and provided support with structuring his revision when it came to exams. 

Charles achieved the results he needed and has just completed his first year studying Law at St Catherine’s College, Cambridge. James has continued to support him with settling into college and managing his workload and the pair continue to meet when Charles is in London.

"James has been a massive help to me! He's given me such great advice and has really helped me to settle into the previously unknown world of university life. He's helped me to organise myself and given me study tips. It's been so good to have somebody to talk to when I have any fears about anything and I think that it is incredibly useful to get advice from him on what I should do. When he came into my life, it was like a light switch being flipped in a dark room." Charles

"Charles and I have a very good friendship that makes it much easier for us to communicate and be honest with each other - a cornerstone of any strong mentor/mentee relationship. Not only have I helped Charles, but he has also helped me to realise that it is important to give back. I am sure that I will continue to be friends with Charles long after this scheme is done." James Gray, Global Markets

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