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Sparks - five years on

2011 │ UK

In 2006, the staff at Deutsche Bank chose Sparks as its nominated charity and during the course of the eighteen-month partnership, raised an incredible £1.3 million. It is five years since the launch of this partnership Sparks have been able to share a very special story with you about how the money raised has made a difference.

In 2010, baby Riley was born in Bath Hospital with no pulse after being starved of oxygen during birth. He was revived by doctors but parents David and Sarah were devastated to learn that he had a 50% chance of permanent brain damage.

Their only hope was a pioneering treatment, which was a revolutionary combination of cooling Riley’s body temperature to 33.5 degrees and adding xenon gas to his breathing machine.

This treatment had been developed as a result of Sparks funding thanks to our partnership with Deutsche Bank. The treatment proved a success and thankfully baby Riley was given the all clear and allowed to go home.
Riley recently turned one surrounded by his friends and family. He is now a perfectly normal, healthy baby. Riley’s father, David says: “We are so grateful for the opportunity Riley had, and we would love all sick babies to have the same chance.”

Thanks to the partnership with Deutsche Bank, there is a real possibility that this treatment could help save many more babies that are at risk of brain damage.

So thank you from Sparks and Corporate Citizenship UK to all the staff for the incredible support.

To find out more about what Sparks has been up to go to

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